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December is a fun month. A month to some of celebration for wrapping up another great year. A month to some for getting ready to file taxes in the start of 2017. A month of family fun to some. For us it is a busy month with both boys celebrating Birthdays and then Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Ever and New Years Day. What a fun month at our house.

Our boys are getting older even though we wished they could stay young forever. My older two kids are grown up and out of the house and I miss them everyday. But I know it is part of life, we get older and go out into the world on our own. But I still miss the days when they were young and I saw them daily. I know with our boys the days are winding down. Logan is turning 15 in a few days and Seth turns 11 a week and some after that. In just four years Logan will be away to College probably and Seth would be in High School. That is why we want to make each Holiday special with them while they are home.

What do you do for Holiday time in your home? I know some people may spend it alone, some may have little kids and some maybe empty nesters. No matter what age you are you can still have fun and enjoy the month of December. Be grateful for everything you have now and have experienced in the past.

When I was along a few Holidays with kids or family I did work extra at the Grocery Store. But it was fun being around Customers and employees and seeing the happiness of the season in them. When I was at home I loved to watch any Holiday Christmas show on TV, something we still do to this day. The other night we watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer that was made back in like 1964 and we still enjoy watching it.

Now with Darlene and the boys we watch Christmas specials, rent Holiday movies and play games with the boys. Even though now they are getting older they like the more rated PG shows and movies versus the rated G when they were little. All is good. We just enjoy being with them and seeing them laugh, be silly and smile.

Our family lives many states away but most of them we can stay in touch with Skype or the phone. We try to keep in touch several times a week and keep encouraging them all to move to Arizona. They all live in the Cold and Snowy Midwest. Burrrrr… Here in Arizona we can Golf all year around or go for Hikes each day.

So does December stress you out at all? Do your best to not let it. Use our Positive Score card at those times you feel stress. If you forgot about what a Positive Score Card is then send me a email and I will help you out. Also if Buying Christmas gifts stress you out because of the lack of money then set up a budget and plan for it. Do you remember all the gifts you got three years ago? I don’t, but I do remember the thoughts and time spent with others. It is less stressful staying inside your budget and just have fun with your loved ones, family and friends. Isn’t that what Holidays are for? Just having fun with the ones you care about. Hope you all have a fun Christmas and New Years season this year.

Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of others you would like me to do in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people improve their Golf games, enjoy life more and be more successful.

Don’t give up on your dreams; don’t let others talk you out of your dreams. Make your dreams happen. Make it happen today.

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