Blockhead Motorcycle Dad


We all have been Blockheads in the past and will probably make many Blockhead mistakes in the future. But hopefully we can learn from those times and learn from when other people are Blockheads.

The other day when I was on my walk I saw this Dad on a Motorcycle with a young girl on the back. I am guessing she was about 10 to 12 years old. He was wearing a Helmet and a nice Safety jacket. She had just her school clothes on and a backpack. She had no helmet.

What a Blockhead Dad. What is he teaching his daughter? What is he showing his daughter? He was pretty much showing that his safety was more important than her safety. That is sad. He should have his Motorcycle license taken away.

What Blockhead thing that you have done recently or witnessed? I think this would be a fun book to put together of stories of Blockheads in our world.

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