Boys Lessons from Others

The boys were not as excited the other day as we were when talking with two kids about their life paths. Logan turned 17 last week and Seth turns 13 this Sunday. They are growing up way too fast.

Mrs. RE and myself have been working with the boys for years on things we feel they need to know to be successful and happy adults. Things such as continuing their education year after year, money management skills, healthy living, relationships to other skills.

At times some of the things the boys say or do make us feel good because we know they must have learned something from us. Other times we want to pound our heads on the wall. LOL

Yesterday it was nice to talk with two different kids that are showing responsibility. It is nice to hear real life examples then the boys always hearing it from us.

First one we talked to was at Great Clips when Logan was getting a hair cut. The boy we started talking with was the same age as Logan is but going to a different High School. His mom had told us that he pays for his own hair cuts. Then he told us that he also buys his own gas for his car, his car insurance and clothes. He has a job at a Pizza shop after school. The boys think we are crazy when we tell them they need to save their own money up if they want a car to drive someday. His mom also said he washes his own clothes and then Seth started covering my ears so I couldn’t hear anymore. He is so funny. Our boys are supposed to also do daily chores and their own laundry but it doesn’t always happen.

Then we went to Golden Corral for supper. The boys had Free Meal coupons because of their Birthday’s this month. They like it there because they can eat all they want and that the workers then sing to them.

We got talking with one of the workers and she was telling us her daughter was also working their and introduced us to her. She was a very proud mom. She said her daughter plays Basketball and Volleyball for Mesa Community College and was on a President’s list for good grades. She received a full ride to college for her grades and she was buying her own car in a few weeks with her own money that she has saved up.

The boys couldn’t believe it, they now had two different kids or young adults tell them about their good examples of life. The things we have been trying to teach them. Both of them also told us they didn’t want to have debt, so they save money before they buy stuff.  This is an area our boys need to work on. They have a problem delaying gratification until they get the money.

The boy also was talking about the importance of a want and a need. I was like “WOW”, this is something we keep talking to our boys about. I have a stack of notes and examples that we have covered with the boys over the years and I am working on putting them in a book for other parents that want to help give their kids a head start in life. I have met so many adults that are still paying for their college debt 20 years after they are out of college. I have heard of kids with college debt from $100,000 to $250,000. If I could have reached them all. I hope to help reduce the number of adults having debt problems in the future.

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