Budget for more Income

The word Budget isn’t a sexy word to most people for sure. A lot of people probably don’t like to even use that word. It may sound boring to others unless you love numbers or an account. I am one of those who love numbers and spreadsheets.

My wife hasn’t ever complained about all my budgets yet thank goodness. She doesn’t seem to pay attention to them as close as I do. Maybe it is all the years in the Grocery Business where we needed to watch every penny since a net profit of 1% was like the National Average for a Grocery Store.

We do Budgets for our home expenses monthly, yearly home expenses, car purchases, business expenses, retirement and more. To me having a good Budget can save you money and increase your income in several ways. Some ways it could help you increase your income by controlling your expenses you could have more money to invest and create you more income. The money you free up under your budget can be like free money or additional income that you have to spend of fun things if you want.

There are many more benefits of a budget like the following;

1. Budget is like GPS – Like your car GPS that can help you get to your destination or may help you not get lost. You Budget can help you get to your goals destination also it can help you not get your money lost by over spending on expenses.
2. Budget feeing up Money – It could help your free up money so you could Invest it and possibly turn that into more money or income if you are buying Dividend paying stocks.

Ways to do a budget you could do them many ways. Such as;

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