Business Website Backup Programs to Check Out

I have learned the hard way in the past by not backing stuff up. Now I am a true believer on the importance of it. I keep telling our boys to hit “Save” a lot when they are doing their homework. I also use a E-Book eternal drive to back up important files I have. But I once didn’t have a website backed up and I lost all the information. It took so long for me just to get it back up to a working format but I never did get all the months of blogs typed back up that I had done.

So many things can happen to a website from hackers, user errors, deleted files or more that you would need to have a backup to pull it back up. Think of Hosting backup as website insurance. It should be a critical feature for any website. I am a fan of SiteGround Hosting plans and the backup plans.

They have the below three Backup Options

1. Startup – Here is a link for more info on it;

2. Grow Big – here is a Link for more info on it;

3. GoGeek – Is the best all-inclusive hosting plan. It is critical for bigger online projects and online businesses. That’s why they have all the cool backup features for free on the GoGeek plan, which is recommended for resource intensive websites. It is recommended as the best value for money shared hosting plan out there. Go here for more info to compare:

View all current shared hosting plans features:


SiteGround Hosting Backup Benefits:

• View and manage backups easily with a simple 1-click Backup Tool
• Create and restore website backups quickly and easily with one click
• Avoid data loss due to website mistakes
• Experiment with website updates that you can quickly undo
Hosting Backup Landing page:

1-Click Backup Restore Tutorial:

Instant On-demand Backup Creation Tutorial:

View all hosting plans:

I hope the above links help you our with any questions you may have. I am not a expert in the field of computers or websites. I don’t work for SiteGround either but they have been good to work with so far.

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