Car Maintenance Reminders

Cars can seem so dependable at times. We jump in our cars and drive them to work or golfing and it starts up and goes. We don’t always think about it and its needs like our bodies. Yes we have a Gas gauge to tell us that we need to put more Gas in it. Even though some people don’t even follow that gauge and run out of Gas. I am guilty of doing that, thank goodness my buddy Andy came and brought me some more Gas.

When other lights come on our Car dash is when we really start to get nervous. It may be the check engine light or low tire pressure light. Then we worry about how much will it cost us? Is the car dying? Should I trade it in on a newer car? Am I going to keep being hit with little or big repairs here on out, is it falling apart? You may say I don’t have time to get it fixed, I have to get somewhere.

Repairs shops seem to take at least an hour to many days depending on how bad it is. My younger years I traded cars about ever two years so I didn’t have to worry too much about Car Maintenance. Now that I am older and retired I need to protect my Investment since I don’t want to throw money away buying a different car every few years. By not maintaining a car I figure it could cost me an easy extra $3,000 a year.

To go on the record, I am not a Car Mechanic. I am not Mechanical. Just ask any of my friends or relatives. LOL. Here are some simple Car Maintenance to do or have done to your vehicles.

1. Oil and Filter Change every 3,000 miles. My car uses Synthetic Oil so I go 5,000 to 6,000 miles before changing it. Check with your Mechanic for there suggestions. Costs can range from $25 to $100 depending on which oil and where you go.
2. Transmission Flush ever 50,000 miles or every other year. Especially important in Dry Hot States like Arizona. Cost can range from $60 to $150 depending on the type of Oil and where you go.
3. Tire Rotation every 6,000 miles. That can help your tires last longer. My set of tires last cost me $880 for Michelin Tires and Warranty. Free normally if you go to the place you bought your last tires at.
4. Tune Up every 100,000 miles some suggest. Costs could run from $100 to $350 depending on where you go and probably type of vehicle.

I am sure there is more suggested suggestions. I have some friends that do it themselves. I am sure there are You Tube videos also on how but I would rather have a professional do it. Also it is hard to get to anything in my engine with all the junk they have on them as you can see in the above photo of my engine. My car has 138,000 miles on it and I am hoping it lasts to 250,000 miles to 300,000 miles.

I had one car that my ex-wife drove too far when the oil light came on and we had to put a new motor in it which cost us back in the 1990’s about $3,500. Now a days I would guess around $5,000. I had a friend that had his Transmission go out and he dropped over $2,000 back in the day. I would guess it would be around $3,500 now. So moral of the story it is cheaper and less headaches to maintain your car monthly when needed.

If you have the money you could possibly work out a deal with a dealer to get a new car each year to drive for a set amount of money. My old boss used to pay $5,000 a year to a dealer and he got a new Cadillac to drive each year. Some people will lease a car for years. You would need to put a pencil to which is most economical for you. When I checked into leases they didn’t give us enough money for the cost. Some of my friends Accountants have suggested that they lease vehicles and wrote it off as a business expense. I don’t lease but I keep track of miles I drive for business and write them off.

Do you lease or won? What experience have you had with your vehicles over the years? What do you suggest?

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