Past Experience where I could help with your Business needs

– Over 25 years of Grocery Management experience. Have been a Store Director of 3 Grocery Stores for 2 different chains.

– Over 25 years experience recruiting, hiring and training staff.

– Over 25 years experience Pricing, Marketing, Ad’s, Merchandising at Store and Corporate level.

– Experience with many Home Business startups and word press websites.

– Experience as an Author.

– Experience in Sales from Grocery, Products to Insurance.

– Passionate for Golf and Bowling.

– Public Speaking Skills.

– Community Involvement and fundraising.


Consulting Rates

5 Hours $500

40 Hours $3400

160 Hours $12,000

1000 Hours $69,999

2000 Hours $99,999

I am open if you want to pay direct or if you want me to invoice your business.

Consulting Rates for Local Area. If you are outside of the Phoenix Metro area please contact us for rates before booking.



Great Quote

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” by Wayne Dyer



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