Darlene is my 100%

Darlene is my 100% for so many reasons. One is that I know I can count on her for anything. She is always supportive and there to help out with anything. When I had the idea of moving our family to Arizona so I could Retire or Semi Retire and work on my business, books and more she was 100% for it. She doesn’t complain, criticize or say negative things about anything I do and dream up. I am a entrepreneur at heart and love to help others. I know if I asked her today for $5,000 she would say here you go and good luck. Some may say I am doing this blog because I am in trouble for something but you would be wrong. I am not in trouble, I just want to let her know how much I appreciate her.

Our Boys we keep telling them your Spouse should be number #1 in your life and your kids, brother or sister second depending on what you have. We try teaching them to always be there for each other for ever. We will try to always be there for the boys also. Darlene is my Rock in my life and someone I can always count on. The boys think kids they play with on X-Box that they never have met are close friends but they aren’t we try to tell them.

What things does a close friend do for you can very from one persons ideas to the next. Some my view a close person as:

  1. Someone that comes an visits you each year no matter where you live.
  2. Someone that will help knock down doors for you if you are out of work.
  3. Someone who will spread the word daily about your business and help you grow it.
  4. Someone who will be there and help you move to a new place and set it up.
  5. Someone who will loan you money when you are short.
  6. Someone who is supportive of your plans in life.
  7. Someone who accepts your Spouse and other friends.

If you aren’t Retired yet you may find that you will lose some work friends and other friends especially if you move away. But where you move to you will find new friends probably based off your neighborhood to your favorite hobbies. But they probably won’t be close friends that you can count on 100%, if you find some that are close to 100% hold on and keep the relationship going. I know at times for myself I miss my past co workers with different companies I was with and old neighbors from different towns I lived in over the years. It can be disappointing how they fade away and some are one sided like you go visit them but they never come visit you. Some family and relatives never may visit you where you retire to or if you get married may not come to the wedding. That is life and why I feel so lucky to have Darlene as my 100%.

I have a friend that I met years ago who helped me move twice, who helped me with a business, who was the first to be a part of one of my websites. He helped me promote one of my books. He was one of the first to buy one. He is a good friend. Jerry lives in Cedar Rapids now but hope he moves to Arizona someday. I have many other friends in my life that I could talk about but none of them are 100% like Darlene is.

People love to have excuses for everything from why they can’t travel or why they can’t help you move, find a new job, loan you money or help with your business. But excuses is something I don’t have to worry about with Darlene my 100%. If I want to move she is 100% behind me, if I want to work somewhere she is helping me get a job there, if I need money she would be there loaning it to me, If I want to start another business she would be a 100% behind me. She is awesome, I love her a ton and she is my 100% for life. No worries there for me.

Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of others you would like me to do in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people retire early, enjoy life more and be more successful. Also please see my Disclaimer page.

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Have a great week.

Bruce of MillsWay.com

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