December 2018 and Financial and Goals

Christmas was a fun like normal. It would be great to have Christmas every month. We like it so much we leave our Christmas tree up till about the middle of January. The kids had a great time but the older they get the more expensive the gifts they want.

Mrs RE had another crazy month at work with lots of overtime. It was nice to help with all our company coming the next four months. It is fun having company but can get expensive. We spent over $1,000 for our last company that came for a week.

Our boys finished up their classes for the semester and had the best semester ending grades they ever have had yet. So that was nice to see. They start back school next Monday so hopefully this next semester will be just as good or better. Logan had a online bowling class that we went and bowled 18 classes for. His scores got better each week and has another semester for it so we will get to go bowl 18 more games. Good living.

Mills Way sales were low this month also of our CDs and Books. We did work on our Twitch channel and streamed a lot of hours but didn’t see much of a Return on Investment. I keep adding and changing my books I am working on. Hopefully I will get one of them completed by the end of 2019.

December results were fair for our family and the year held up pretty good with all that we did for the year from buying two vehicles and going on some big vacations. Here are the December results;

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