Disney Cruise Review

Our first cruise is in the books and we had a blast. We actually had such a good time the boys wanted us to book the same trip for next year. Logan was talking on the phone with his new friends he met on the cruise and some of them were going to book the same cruise next year also. Both boys are so excited. That makes it all worth it.

This was the first cruise for all of us so we wanted to take a short cruise to make sure we all would like a cruise and didn’t get Sea sickness. The Disney Cruise was called “Halloween on the High Seas”. It was a 3 day and 2 night cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. We left from San Diego, CA port. This also was our first time we got to use our new Pass Ports. Since we were going to be stopping in Mexico Logan would get a chance to use his Spanish speaking skills he is learning in High School.

We left for San Diego, CA at 3am which I though was too early in the morning but Darlene wanted to get on the road early. She was correct, it was a perfect time for us to leave. We arrived at our Park n Fly Lot around 10am and then took the shuttle from the Parking Lot to the Disney Port. Our cost to park there was just $20.30 since we had a coupon and they gave us a free shuttle ride both ways. What a good deal.

Once we arrived at the Disney Port we put on luggage tags on our Bags that Disney had mailed to us weeks in advance. We wanted to wait to put them on till we got to the Port just so they wouldn’t accidently get tore off on our travels from Arizona. Then we went inside the Disney Port and they have you go through security just like at the Airport. Then you go check in at the Disney counter. After you check in you wait for your group to be called. So about Noon we were to that point and about 1pm we had our group number called and were walking on to the ship.

When we got on the ship the boys were hungry so we went straight to the buffet restaurant to chow down. The boys went nuts over all the food to try. They both were adventurous and ate a ton. After we ate we walked around and checked out the main entertainment areas and the boys clubs. Seth had two clubs he could go to at his age and Logan had once club he could go to.

Seth’s clubs were cool. He liked them both. The first one had too many younger kids I think than he wanted to hang with. The other club had kids his age and had X-box so he was in heaven. Seth wanted to stay and play so we left and went with Logan to see his club area for the older kids.

Logan’s club had no X-box which we liked and a lot of board games. It did have one electronic game that was some dance club. We didn’t think he would stay there so the three of us headed to find our room. Rooms aren’t always ready with our luggage but we got lucky and ours was there waiting for us. After we saw our room and figured out how the wave phones was supposed to work, Logan took one of the wave phones and asked if he could go to the club till dinner time. We were a little shocked but happy that he wanted to explore on his own.

Around our dinner time we stopped by the boys clubs to grab them and they both had made a lot of friends and were not wanting to leave. We promised them that right after supper they could head back. Right before Dinner we were getting ready to pull away from the port and set sail for Mexico. The boys enjoyed watching the ship set sail and the Coast Guard ships that escorted us out to see. As we were watching we meet a couple that owned BrickNerds.com website and Seth thought that was neat. Seth likes playing with Legos and I like talking with entrepreneurs about their business models and websites. We had set dinner times so we had to head to dinner right after we set sail.

Dinner was good but fancy. We wore casual clothes for it and it was good to see Seth and Logan try new foods. I can’t believe some of the things Seth ate. We all enjoyed it but didn’t have the desserts they offered, we all wanted to get some Ice Cream at the Ice Cream station. After some Ice Cream Logan went to his club and Seth and myself went and played some Basketball.

After the Basketball game Seth went off to his club and Darlene and I went for more Ice Cream. Then we went to check out one of the Adult places on the ships and had a cocktail. We had a Piano player from Iowa entertaining us and he was good. He came over and talked to us after his set. Then we went to the big Pirate Show on the top deck and after the show was the Fireworks. I know I am leaving out a lot but I don’t want you to fall asleep reading it. We just want to give you a quick review of what we did and liked.

Seth was tired the first night before 1am and Logan rolled in after 2am. Both boys were wiped but happy and excited to be on the ship. The next morning after breakfast and watching the sun rise we arrived at our port in Ensenada, Mexico. We left the ship to go explore some in Mexico.

Mexico wasn’t what we thought it was going to be. We thought there would be a beach and things to do. But it was basically a downtown area with shops and people at each corner wanting to take you on excursions. It was nice to have the boy’s experience a different country and Logan was able to use some of the Spanish he has been learning in school. We headed back to the ship after a couple of hours because the boys wanted to hook back up with their friends.

We didn’t see the boys much the rest of the day till right before dinner when I played some more Basketball with Seth. Darlene and I relaxed some around the Pool area. We did see Logan once with about six girls and he just nodded to us. He is 15 and almost 16 so parents aren’t as cool as we were a few years ago. After dinner the boys went off to their clubs and Darlene and I went to a club that had Bingo. We had fun there but didn’t win darn it. LOL Then we watched some more shows and entertainment on the top deck before heading to bed. The boys both rolled in after 2am again. They had another fun day.

Sunday when we woke up the ship had just arrived back in San Diego. We went to have our Breakfast before we had to pack up and get ready to head back home. The boys wanted to stay for more days. They were not wanting to leave. Here is a few Pros and Cons about our Disney Cruise.


1. The boys will have memories for life hopefully. I know the memories I have as a kid was most of the time I spent on vacation with my folks. I am grateful for everything my parents did for me. They did the most they could do. Some kids aren’t grateful for their parents but I feel the boys are.


2. Basketball hoop was both pro and a con in ways. Seth wanted to play Basketball on a cruise ship and he got it. See the below photo. He played some Friday and Saturday with a lot of different people. Every time we were on the same team we won. Must be my skills. LOL not… Seth is way better in Basketball than I am. Disney does need to have another Basketball Rim and raise the net above the hoop higher. Some shots from the sides would hit the net. But we still had a lot of fun for sure. Also I got some good exercise in to work off some of the good food I ate.

3. Food available to eat around the ship from about 7am to 1am each day. This was also a pro and con. Some of the places were only open certain time but it gave us variety of places I guess.

4. Ice Cream, Pop and Hot Chocolate was Free and available most of the time until the last night.

5. Kids Clubs and entertainment for the kids was good. The boys really enjoyed it a lot.

6. Staff was all really friendly and helpful.


1. Cost $2,478 for the cruise. You would think something was wrong with me if I didn’t talk about expenses. LOL That was our total cost from what the cruise cost us, tips, gas, parking, Bingo, adult drinks, shopping and food on the way home. Still well worth the smiles and stories the boys had.

2. Ice Cream machine ran out of Chocolate Ice Cream on Saturday afternoon. I was sad. LOL

3. The Hot Chocolate machine was shut down for cleaning early Saturday evening. You need something warm at night when it is cold out. Good thing Darlene had us all pack some warm clothes. It got cold on the cruise at night.

4. Too short of time. We hope to go on longer cruises in the future but with Darlene’s work and the boys in school this three day cruise worked out good.

5. Evening meals and Breakfast the last morning wasn’t the best of food and they didn’t give you much. We probably should have ordered room service.

6. The pop had a weird taste to them. They had Coke products which was a con in the first place since we are a Pepsi family. But the water they used in the carbonated pop must have been something weird. It wasn’t the good Biliner water that we like at home.

This trip was on our Goals list for 2017 and we can cross it off. So to recap overall the boys had a blast and we rebooked for next year. Some friends of ours said that their kids are ages 18 and 21 and still want to go on Disney Cruises over other vacations. So I think we will be going on more Disney Cruises in our future. If you have any questions feel free to email me at bruce@millsway.com

Remember Life is too Short. Live with No Regrets. Money can’t buy you time. So many people wait too long too retire I feel and have lost out on some great years of good health to be able to enjoy their retirement years. So Darlene and myself want to enjoy life to the fullest now when our health is good and the boys want to spend some time with us.


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