Divorce Survival

Half the people that get married each year probably will go through the unpleasant event called a “Divorce”. It is a fact of life and probably too easy to get one. I know there may be certain cases where they should happen but those are few examples. So many people forget what promises they made when they got married. Too many people don’t stand by their word or promises. Half of you reading this will agree and half probably won’t agree with this.

The reason to cover this is because to let you know if you are going through a Divorce or been through one that you will survive it and be stronger than ever. Mine was along time ago but it took me many years to get through it. But I did and was able to figure out what I really wanted in my next marriage and what I didn’t want. Now I am married to an awesome woman and have two wonderful boys from our marriage.

A friend of mine has his Daughter going through a divorce and I have been working with them some on the process. I don’t give anyone legal or medical advice since I don’t have the credentials but I do let them know what I learned going through mine and hopefully make there journey a little easier.

The top three things to do would be:

1. Get a Divorce Attorney for yourself right away. Once they asked for a Divorce normally there isn’t any going back. Unless you both are willing to work at it or go to a Gary Smalley Marriage Retreat. Most people just need to get a Lawyer.
2. Find a Divorce Counselor that you feel you can work with and be open to their suggestions. They may say things that make you mad but the process normally is a good one. I still think of some of the lessons I was taught in my sessions.
3. Join a Divorce group. It is good to make new friends and ones that can relate to what you are going through. I found mine through my Church and it was all Men in the group. They also had groups available for Women.

Some other things to possible think about or ask your Lawyer about:

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