Don’t Take on Other People’s Problems

Whether you are retired or working on being retired you will probably run into people who want to give you their problems to solve or fix. If you watch the TV News you will see a lot of negative things and the problems of others around the world. I am not a fan of the News or Negative people.

Negative things and negative people can bring stress into our lives and can cause us illness. We can lose sleep and more. About the only good thing stress can do at times it can take away our appetite for food. LOL

I suggest to don’t carry around other people’s problems. A problem is like a potato. I once had a friend who was upset because a co-worker didn’t handle a situation the way he would have. It really upset him and it was obvious in his body language.

I told him to imagine the problem was a potato. In other words, his co-worker gave him a potato, and now he was carrying it around. I told him to imagine that he was also carrying around a brown potato sack over his shoulder. I told him to open the bag and put the potato into the sack.

Every time he takes on something that bothers him (like a problem), he is accepting a new potato to put in the sack. Then he has to carry that potato sack over his shoulder all day long. The more potatoes he accepts the heavier the sack gets.


Read about the reset and a technique to help you when someone gives you a problem; Click on the below link

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Don’t give up on your dreams; don’t let others talk you out of your dreams. Make your dreams happen. Make it happen today.

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