Education in Clock Management

Live Rich finding time for continuous education is so important. For myself I think about how much the world has changed since I was a kid and I know it probably isn’t go to slow down anytime soon. Our boys help also to keep teaching us new things. Some good and some I wonder about. LOL
Back when I was in High School we had no Computers, we had to take Type Writing Class to graduate. When I was in High School we had no Cell Phones, we had to use a Pay Phone if we were out driving around looking for friends. When I was in High School we had no GPS, we had to use Paper Maps. Yes kids, there was Paper Maps before GPS. LOL

If I wouldn’t have made time for learning new skills I would have been left in the dust. From the Business world, to my Home Businesses and to my Social life. When I started my Adult working years we did so many things on paper and calculators. 15 years later a company I worked for was working on going paperless, they wanted everything done on the computers. We didn’t even have the Cloud for Data storage like we have now 20 years later. What will things look like in the Business World or our lives 15 years from now? I’m sure we all will be learning new skills in the future if we want to be up to date. So we need to use Clock Management skills to find time for Education.

Education may not be a popular subject to many people. Especially to some kids that I know. LOL But I really believe in my heart it is important to continue to learn new things, to read books each year, take online classes, attend seminars, events and more.

If you are not retired yet then continuous Education will help keep you current in your field of work. It will also help you possibly to get a promotion that you want. It could help you possibly get a better job at another company. Any of those things can help you make more money also. Who couldn’t use more money?
When I was with a company it was it had a good system to try to have as many employees keep learning new skills to help make them better employees. We had to do three learning events each quarter to be able to qualify for 25% of a possible Quarterly Bonus check. The learning events could be some of the following:

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