February 2018 Results

This was another crazy busy month, but a fun month. Mom and Dad was hear over half the month till they flew back to the snowy Minnesota state. We wanted them to stay till May but at least they stayed the longest time yet which was almost 7 weeks.

Tonya and Nick also flew in this month to stay with us for four days. They were here when Mom and Dad were so it was a nice surprise for Mom and Dad also. We all went on a cool road trip to the Roosevelt Dam, Tortilla Flats, Harley Dealer Ships, Boat Cruise, Fountain Hills Fountain Park and more. We also played a lot of card games that Dad normally won.

Then Tim and Stacy from Minnesota flew in to see their folks in Mesa. Tim and myself played golf two days with Alex and Neal. We played Las Collinas and Club West. It was fun golfing with Tim again. Then they came over for Pizza night before they flew back to the cold Minnesota state.

Then Mrs. RE Aunt, Sister Monica flew in and is staying till March 10th. She is with a friend the first week and then with us for the last week. It will be fun to spend time with her. Hopefully she isn’t as good as Dad is at cards. LOL

Mrs. RE booked another trip back to Minnesota for a Girls weekend in April. I told her she should pick a warmer place or somewhere she has never been to but that worked out best for her BFF.

February will be a busy month and so will March. We could have Brother, Sister, Cousin, Aunt and friends all coming down to visit us. Our home is going to be a busy place I think until Mid-April. Good Living, I say.

Mrs. RE didn’t work as much overtime this month with all of our company we had here this month. Next month may be more overtime with Easter prep, short of help and some special projects she will be working on at another store plus doing her normal job at her store. She is going to be extra busy for a while. She will be ready for her Girls weekend next month. LOL

Stock Market overall was way up but our stocks were mixed. We did rearrange a few more stocks this month. We sold some and bought some. We are still sticking to our overall strategy of buy and hold. We also are 100% in Dividend stocks in our Brokerage account. But too heavy on REITs probably but sticking with them for now.

Our business Millsway had another slow month with all the family time. But I hope to be able to work on more blogs and videos this month. I did make good progress towards my 100 blogs and videos for the year goal. Hopefully we can help more people this year and get a lot of people to help spread the word about our sites. Also, to get more people to help donate more so we can keep growing.

Here are our February 2018 Financial and Goals Results – click on below links

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