Getting a Pet instead of having a Kid

The more people I meet are deciding to get a pet instead of having kids. There has been published articles on this subject also. There are many reasons that this could be happening.

Some company surveys show it is because the cost of having a kid and raising a kid. I think back when I was a kid my parents never paid for Child care. Now today most couples have so much debt and expenses by living beyond there incomes that they both have to work to pay the bills so that means they need to also pay for Child care. Child care in Chicago for instance could be $2,600 a month or more for two young kids. That’s crazy. Plus, who is raising your kids the Child care provider or you?

Some people say because of there long work hours they don’t have time for kids. Which is a good point. In the past a normal work week was like 40 hours a week and you were home at a good time. Now you may leave at 6am in the morning and get home at 7pm at night. Not much time for family.

I have met many people who have gone through divorce and had parent alienation. I have a “Time” magazine that talks about all the bad things kids face in their whole life when coming from a family of divorce. So, if you believe in divorce maybe get a pet. Read my book on divorce and I have another updated book on divorce with kids. Pets will normally always love you even through a divorce. Read below for me info on divorce.

Pet’s can stay home alone when young. Pet’s give love to you when they see you almost always. Pets are cheaper then kids. Pet’s don’t get swayed by another parent not to love you. Pet’s don’t have conditional love over money. Pet’s are cheaper to own and the list could go on. Pet’s don’t get swayed by money to love one parent more.

Here is my thoughts and examples:

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