Give your Kids a Lasting Gift

Want to help teach your kids or grandkids a life lesson that they may not learn anywhere else? Think back when you were a kid, do you remember what gifts you got from who at any age? If you remember that is awesome. Most people don’t have many memories before age 6. I know I sure don’t remember any special gifts at all from my childhood. But I think I would remember if I would have been given $594 to $1,188 in Stock after I graduated school.

Wouldn’t that be nice to have that money when starting your career working years after college? Think if you even had more because of life lessons you were taught from your parents. I wish my parents would have had me save 25% in Stocks of all money that I ever made.

It makes me sick to think of all the money I wasted on cars, stereos and junk. Roughly if I would have saved 25% of all money I made to the time I graduated High School and put that money in Microsoft Stock. In 2002 I would have had 1.1 Billion dollars. By todays stock price I would have 1.969 Billion dollars. The Dividend payout a year for right now would be $37,497,600 for the shares. I could live off of 37 Million dollars a year. LOL. I just want my kids and grandkids to learn from my mistakes. I know all stocks aren’t Microsoft stock but my Mom sure knew that was the future back in 1983. I should have listened. My folks never pushed saving money though. We have our boys that are at home with us save 25% of all Cash Gifts and any money they make at jobs. They put it in Fidelity Account and buy stocks with the money.

So, what is your Budget for your Kids Birthday and Christmas Gifts? What do you spend on your Grandkids? There gifts probably won’t be worth anything years after they have it unless they never play with it and hide it in the closet. So why not give them some each year in stocks? Average of Stock Market from day 1 has averaged over 8%.

Let’s do a quick scenario. Instead of a $50 Birthday Gift you take 25% and put it in a Fidelity College Savings Account in their name. Then spend the rest on a gift. They will have same fun with a $37.50 box of Legos that they would of $50 Legos. Then do that for Christmas also. Do that for every year until they graduate College. They would have $594 in Stock value at 8% rate of return average. Pretty nice gift. Or if you do $100 a gift then they would have $1,188 at College Graduation. Those amounts would be nice to have to start off their career or to help pay for some college expense. A gift they would remember more than a Box of Legos at age 9.

If your Child had a job working 20 hours a week at age 16 and worked till age 22 making just minimum wage how much money would they save on their own? Think if you made them save 25% of all the money they made. Roughly they would have $13,230 at College Graduation time in stock money. Then add in the Gifts fund of $1,188 now they have $14,418 to start off their Adult Career life. Not to bad. It could help them buy a used car or get set up in an apartment, etc.

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