Golf Tips for September

If you are a golfer you know you will probably get golf tips from so many different people. If you are hitting balls on the range you may have two to three people give you tips. You play golf with three people and someone may give you tips.

If you subscribe to Golf tips on e-mails then each day you could be getting more golf tips. So with all these tips will it mess up your golf game trying them all? What works best for you? I seem to try many things each year. This year I am working a top on my shots 150 yards and in. Also I am working mon my mental part of the game.

Here are some Golf Tips that I liked;

Jack’s Quote – Can’t Control other Golfers, Weather or Golf Course – You can only Control Yourself

Tigers Grip – Interlock Index Finger. Left Hand fingers at 90 degree on Club. Club on Left Top Palm.
Thumb – Left on R side slightly on Shaft– R Thumb on slight Left Side of Shaft

Connection Drill. Throw Ball. Finish Balance. Weight Shift Drill like Baseball
Shoulder behind ball and follow thru with shoulder in front Use big muscles, not arms or wrists

Left Wrist straight thru at impact See and Say what your shot is going to do. Rehearse it
Putting – Solid wrists. Solid Arms. Shoulders turn
Chips – Front foot chips stops – Back foot chips rolls out

Hank Haney – No Perfect Shots or Swing. Every Shot something wrong 3 Wood off first tee-
then hit yardage
Mental Pre-Shot – Say what you want – then hit it – Then accept it – then plan your next shot.

Triangle Drill – Butt of Driver in Chest and do swings
Toe in Air is square – half Back and Half through. Waist high. Triangle to center
Swing Drill finish with hitting back of left hand into a chair
Swing on a level plane Width of stance outside shoulders for driver
Throw a golf ball drill with right arm to show how the swing should be.

Have a Pre-Swing Routine – 5 Steps to Always Do
1. Grip Club in Left Hand. Stand Erect. Lift to waist level. Eye your shot
2. Place Right Hand on and look at your grip on square. Practice shot. Eye the shot
3. Set the Right Foot and aim blade behind ball. R Foot 8-10 inches behind ball. Eye the target
4. Slide left foot in with ball. 15 or so inches from right foot
5. Re adjust both feet in final stance. While Head and eye’s remain on target. Slow deep breath-go

Daniel Berger – Perfect Practice – 7 Iron off 3-inch tees.
Feet together – 1 Back. Driver 20%,30%, etc. up Wedges 10-20-30-40-50 etc.
Putts 5-10-15-20-25-30 etc.

RELAX — Keep shoulders Relaxed. Relax. Relax. You should feel No Tension in Shoulders
at Top of the Swing. Rotate Head to Left to see Line — Not tilting up

Sam Sneed – Practiced with Serious Intent – Balance in His Stance.
Slightly more weight on my Right Foot then Left.
Paul Runyan – Said weight Slight on left foot. Ball Center or a little forward of Swing Arc
Woods at Bottom of Arc (2-3-4 woods)
Tom Watson – Balance Key – Stick Butt out until U feel a little tension on the small of your Back.
If you fall forward as you swing your butt isn’t sticking out enough. 1. Feet out. Front more.
Stand straight. 2. Bend from Waist – Plane angle to swing Down as ball. 2. Bend Flex Knees
Stick Rear out.
Knees almost at end of toes when looking down (Don’t be on back heels)
4. Grip Club – Slightly Cocked (Don’t do straight wrist and arm) NO. Don’t feel cramped
to ball or reach — feel relaxed. Don’t bend too much also. Cause lift up and Poor ball contact
5. Pick a spot yards away – like Bowling arrows (Jack Nicholas) Be exact short and long
Not comfortable then back off and reset
6. Body Parallel with Target line – Like rail Road tracks
7. Eyes and Head straight at Ball – Not Cocked
8. DON’T sink Chin in Chest – Need left shoulder. Rotate under Chin

Ball Position – Tom Watson
Wedge in Middle of Stance — Driver front stance. Older you get the more you move the ball
back to middle. Left foot same position. Right open and close my stance with it.
Shorter club – right foot closer and past line to restrict back and body swing

Mental and Visualize
Kathy Whitworth – Won Most Pro Tournaments 99 – Smaller the Target the Straighter you are
going to hit the ball.
Ben Hogan – Visualize – Positive – Reframe Mind Thought – Enjoy shots that frighten you.
Pre-Shot routine to visualize shot – Once Jack didn’t notice partner got a hole in one. If distracted
walk away and reset – Imagine shots hitting and hitting their final targets. Concentrate….
Decide before hitting ball – how you want to hit and where you want it to go
Bobby Jones – Pre-Shot routine – fluid – eliminate tension – Don’t stare to long at ball. Figure out
everything behind ball before taking stance (Keep Loose). Little forward twist with hips and then
backswing begins (keep loose). Set up as smooth and fast to eliminate tension.
Right foot – Club align – Left Foot – Right Foot – Twist Wiggle – Swing
Jack Nickolas 50% Mental Picture – Go to Movies – Imagine it as a perfect shot.
40% Setup – Aiming and Aligning the Club Face – Body — 10% Swing…
See your Movie from Landing – Flight – to Swing before grabbing a Club
Patty Berg – “Don’t be in such a Hurry. That little white ball isn’t going to run away from you”
Tom Lehman – Preroutine – Consistent – Practice Swing – Breath – Address- Waggles – Waggle bigger
Last Wiggle is bigger – Doesn’t sit Idle over ball – Then GO

Take Your Mind Out During A Round
Quit Thinking about the swing and be “TARGET ORIENATED”. Pick your Targets and Hit them. Let it FLY

During Round to Quit Thinking is to be “Target Oriented” Pick Your Targets and Hit Then – Let them Fly –
Pick small targets

2/3 Time to Focus on Target
Putting – Don’t worry about Path. It will naturally. Eye the Target
Hold your finish to learn from every shot – Dave Pelz

Xander Schauffelle
1. Stance Check – Mark Aim Stick for Driver, 5 Iron, PW Stance
2. Swing L to L -L shape Back Swing and L shape front Swing
3. Rorate your Chest. No Wrists on shot. Chest-Arms-Wrist – Forget line
4. Eyes over Impact – Eyes over Putt – Your Eyes offer the correct path. Your hands will follow. Simple.
5. Stay Cool-Calm-Collected. Deep breath – Eyes Closed – Tell yourself you’ve done it countless times before.
Get an Edge – eye Point club toward my Target

What golf tips work best for your Golf game?

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