Growth in Relationships

Growth in Relationships can take time like a garden in your backyard. In the past I haven’t been good at growing relationships or gardens. We joke around our house about not having any plants because they will all die.

With plants we would either forget to water them or not water them at all. Maybe they needed a larger pot for growth and we had left them in a small pot. Maybe they needed Sunshine and we had them in dark places around the house too often. Maybe they needed to go outside in the fresh air some and we left them inside all the time. We are no plant experts for sure so we are staying with fake plants from now on. Saves on water also. LOL

But as you can see with plants they are kind of like Relationships. Each Relationship could need different things to different people to grow and be healthy. I wish there was a magic list that I could give you to do and you would have awesome Relationships. Hopefully though I can give you some ideas and starting points for you to help grow your current Relationships and future Relationships.

Growth is an important key in Relationships and the third key I am covering with you. With this key it is also a two-way street. If you are the only one trying to grow the Relationship and the other person isn’t helping at all it may be time to decide if you want that Relationship in your life. If they don’t help you grow and want to achieve more out of life, to reach higher goals then maybe you don’t want that Relationship.

We only have so much time in our week and we need to have balance on who we spend it with. If we spend time with a Negative person is that helping you in anyway? If you spend time with someone that tries to always keep you from going after your dreams or goals is that helping you in anyway? I know in my life I like helping others reach their goals and to live happier lives. Sometimes though I don’t see them helping me grow my business from simple things as being a supporter of my Patreon page, using my services, buying my books to sharing my business social media with their friends. Instead they make negative comments about my businesses and products or say “How much are you making” etc. When I hear that or see a trend then I start to spend less time with those people or totally quit spending time with them.

Family is another story. I remember when I first started taking Hypnosis and NLP classes they covered also on setting up your business and getting clients. They talked about how family members will be your worst prospects. Family normally doesn’t see you as a successful professional in a business always. Isn’t that sad. Same was told to me when I have done Telemarketing programs such as Melaleuca. Family members don’t even want to talk about your business or products. Melaleuca leader said to not spend too much time with Family members trying to show them the products since they probably won’t believe in them.

Melaleuca was so correct on the family part. Melaleuca had a product for instance that had the same everything as the one my Mom was using. It would have saved her like $30 a month just on that one item but yet she wouldn’t switch because a friend said that other one was so good. Same went for some other items my folks were buying. I showed them that Melaleuca had the same comparable items but they were all Natural, great results and would save them over $100 a month. Again, they didn’t want to switch because a lady they knew from the bowling alley sold it to them.

Then when I did Insurance full time and showed them I could save them money on what they were paying for Life Insurance and yet again they wanted to stick with a friend of a friend because of some silly reason. So moral of the story is don’t get discouraged if your family doesn’t help you grow or is supportive of you or your dreams. I will always Love my Family but I will focus more of my Business energy towards others who will be acceptive and see the value of what I have to offer them.

Listed below are some ways to help grow relationships;

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Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of Ideas you would like me to talk about in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people retire early, enjoy life more and be more successful. Also, please see my Disclaimer page.

Don’t give up on your dreams; don’t let others talk you out of your dreams. Make your dreams happen. Make it happen today.

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