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To have better golf scores we need to have our mind in the game. It is hard to have your mind on your golf game if you are all stressed out. I have found when something is bothering me in my life I can get distracted when trying to play good golf. But with a little changes you can have happier thoughts and live more in balance.

In today’s modern and hectic lifestyle, we all strive to live happy lives. Living a balanced life is the secret to a happier life. But how to achieve this work – family life balance is a real challenge. We all know that workplace negligence is unacceptable, so who gets neglected is sometimes our own family; this situation really hurts for those who value family specially working mothers.

To maintain the balance you should first talk to your family especially children about your work responsibilities, the importance of your designation at the office, tell them that people rely on your skills and value it so much, so they understand that you are not ignoring them just for earning money. Secondly, keep an on what is going on in their lives, do not ignore their health, education and social issues. Creating work- family balance is a continuous process; consistence efforts and patience are required. Here are some other tips for a happier life:

• Establish passive income stream, to earn with least efforts. So you can manage more time for family and leisure activities.
• Eat healthy food, because the food that you eat, impacts your mood.
• Pursue your passion; take out some free moments from your busy schedule for your hobbies.
• Do not waste precious time in T.V; spend your time on more progressive activities like reading.
• Speak to your children and spouse about how was their day, try to peek into their daily routine.
• Establish good relationship with your neighbors, because the first one who can help you in case of an emergency is usually your neighbor.
• It’s a cliché but very important for a happy life is exercise.
• Speak politely and gently, think twice before speak to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.
• Living a happy life depends mostly on good health, you can enjoy life more and for long time if you are healthy.

Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of others you would like me to do in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people improve their Golf games, enjoy life more and be more successful.

Let me know your thoughts or ideas. Also please join my Facebook and LinkedIn using my e-mail me at mills.management@hotmail.com. Follow me at twitter Bruce Mills at millsway_com. Pin me on Pinterest.com also. Thanks and Have a great night.

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