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As you know I really enjoy the game of golf. Darlene and myself just bought a new house and will be moving in next week and we are really excited about it. But some of my friends think I am a little crazy with my plans for the back yard. The photo above is what it currently looks like now. Currently it is about 46 feet long and 23 feet wide of really nice grass with sprinkler system to help keep it looking green. I want to rip out the grass and put in practice putting and chipping green, but some of my friends think I should leave the grass in.

If I leave the grass in it would cost us extra money each month on watering bills, mowing the grass expenses and other expenses you have with a lawn. See I would save money with ripping it out and putting in my putting and chipping area. LOL.. Some towns even offer rebates back to take grass out and put in other materials to save on water, the bummer is in our town to get the rebate they don’t want artificial grass so no rebate for us.

So what would it save us in dollars if we put the putting green in? That is a hard one to come up with but it could not only save on our Water bill but also on less Gas for the Car and Car wear and tear from making less trips to the golf course to practice. I figure it could save total of up to $1,000 a year. See I am still working on justifying the new putting area. LOL..

The cost of putting a putting green will be I am waiting on and can let you know in future posts. I have two companies coming over to give us estimates on putting it in. The first company said they charge $9.60 per square foot for their preferred grass and 95 cents roughly to take out the old grass and sprinkler heads, etc. The second company said their prices can range from $10 to $15 per square foot but they want to see our backyard and show us different options to choose from.

Questions I will have for them is how long do they last on average? Is there a warranty or a warranty yearly plan? Cost for repairs? How much does the Arizona Sun affect the putting green? Can you chip high shots onto it and not damage it? Do they offer trades for a price reduction, like if I give them free AD space on my websites or do blogs on my websites for there company. I could also offer trade using my social media accounts for a lower cost if they are game. It can never hurt to ask for a lower cost or a deal to trade services. All they can say is NO and who knows we may save some money. I am hoping to work out my total cost in a range of $5,000 to $10,000. Even at $10,000 it will pay for it self in just 10 years. See I am still justifying it, I think you can tell that I will probably get a putting green installed this month.

Our relatives and most of our friends would enjoy us having one also I know. Golf is a great game and anyone at any age can Putt the Golf ball around. Please let me know if you have had a putting green installed and what your thoughts are on having put one in. Let me know the Pros and Cons.

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