Health and Financial Benefits by living in Arizona

I have lived in the Midwest states and in Arizona for the last 3 years. I have friends who have lived in other states that I haven’t lived in before and they also feel Arizona is the place to live in. Most people move here to Retire at but we moved here because we got tired of Snow and Ice.

My disclaimer is that I am not a Medical Doctor, Accountant or Financial Planner. These are my views listed below. You should always seek professional advice when dealing especially with Medical and Financial matters. See my disclaimer page on this website. Also, I am not getting paid by the State of Arizona for this post. LOL.

Mrs. RE and myself would love to have all of our family and friends move to Arizona to be closer to us. We also feel they would have a better quality of life also. If they need to work there is jobs in Arizona like there is in other states.

Some of the benefits are the reasons that Mrs. RE picked Arizona as the place for us to move to. We wanted to move before the boys got in High School. We wanted a place where we could retire at and enjoy Golf all year around. We got so tired of the long cold winters in the Midwest and the rainy and humid other months.

Here are some benefits we feel Arizona living has over other states;

1. Lower Income Taxes – If you do work you could pay a lot less Income taxes than your current state. We pay less over the state we moved from.
2. Lower Property Taxes – We pay way less than we did in the Midwest and have a larger house. Crazy.. A friend of mine pays about 10% of what he paid when he lived in Chicago area for Property Taxes.
3. No Tax on Social Security Income – Check with your Accountant.
4. No Tax on Inheritance Tax – Check with your Accountant.
5. No Gift Tax – Check with your Accountant.
6. No Estate Tax – Check with your Accountant.
7. Allergies not bad. Less sneezing because the climate and dry air. So, if you suffer from bad Allergies or Asthma than Arizona may be better for you.
8. Less Back Problems from Shoveling Snow. No snow in most parts of Arizona. No snow where we live. So no shoveling snow and hurting your back or slipping and falling down on the Ice and possibly breaking a bone.
9. Less Stress – So many Sunny days how can you not be happier. Very few days of rain.
10. Sleep better – Sunshine can help you sleep better. You may be more active. Maybe you will Golf, Hike, Enjoy the Great outdoors and more.
11. More Vitamin D from Sunshine and not only help you be happier but also help your Immune system, make your bones stronger, have better teeth and even help you have healthier eyes.
12. Lower Blood Pressure. Sunlight can also help some people with their blood circulation.
13. Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Disease. Arizona has less humidity with the dry weather and less rain. So, it could help reduce risk of heart attacks, help reduce heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Plus, who likes humidity? It is no fun.
14. Less Arteritis. The dry weather can help reduce pain, stiffness, swelling in your joints. This is a big reason why Mrs. RE wanted to move here. So, you could move better. You could enjoy more out of life. Rain and cold weather is just like humidity which all three are no fun.
15. Arizona has so many great views to see. It doesn’t get old seeing Palm Trees, Mountains, Lakes and Cactuses. You can also drive a short time to the Mountains to Snow Ski in the winter months.
16. Arizona also has good Fishing and Hunting.
17. Many Hiking Trails with all the mountains around.
18. Desert fun with Dirt Bikes to Four Wheelers.
19. Golf Courses everywhere. You can golf all year around without going broke also. We use Golf Now during the winter months and find the cheapest prices. I spend less down here in the busy months than I did going back home this summer and golfing with friends.

So, what is holding you back? Where do you want to retire at someday? I am so glad we moved to Arizona and looking forward to 50 years of enjoyable retirement years here with Mrs. RE.

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