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Relationships is one of the top areas of what motivates us and helps us have a balanced life. Think back to a time when you felt you had a poor relationship with someone or none at all and how did it make you feel? How did it effect other areas of your life?

During Retirement years it can be a challenge adjusting with the loss of past Relationships. For instance, once you retire from your job most of your work Relationships will probably fade away and could leave a void in your life. I figure I averaged over 60 hours a week during my working years. With 168 hours in a week and if we sleep 56 hours a week that means that I spent 60 of my 108 awake hours with my Co-workers. If you like percentages it is over 53% of your time with your Co-workers. Then for me on my days off or after work a lot of time I played Golf or Bowled with Co-Workers. So, let’s say another 15 hours a week with Co-Workers, now we are at 75 hours a week or 69% of my time with Co-workers.

So, let’s say now after you retire that is 53% to 69% of a relationship void. Especially if you retire somewhere warm like we did in Arizona. Of course, if you have a significant other than some of that time could be filled up with them unless they still work during your retired years like Mrs RE currently does.

If you are someone with hobbies or someone who is sociable you have a good chance of making new Relationships. But as you know it can be a challenge and take time to make new ones. Also, other factors can influence how many relationships you can build.

For instance, with us our boys still take a lot of our time up and money so it doesn’t leave us much time for relationships with others. We like to keep in touch with family that is back in the Midwest so a lot of our Free Money from our budget goes to when our family comes and visits us or when we go visit them. Some friends we have down here are all in different situations from no kids left at home or both working good paying jobs.

Mrs. RE also gets up early for work so she likes to go to bed by 8pm so that doesn’t give much time with friends either. With here work schedule it is a challenge just getting time with the boys. So, for us our priority in relationships is family first and then if we have time and money in our budget.

Four Areas we have for our Relationships that we have time for needs to have a balance of:
1. Positive
2. Respect
3. Help us Grow
4. Take Interest

So, if you retire Relationships can be a big area of change. If you are still working it is still good to have healthy relationships with others and balance in your relationships. I will go in more details on the above 4 areas I listed and stories of how past relationships changed my life. Relationships are a two-way street and can be tricky. They make life interesting for sure. Without relationships life could be boring or give us a lack of desire for more out of life.

On the other had if you try to have too many relationships it can through other areas of your life out of whack. For instance, if you spend all your free time on relationships you may not have time to exercise your body, feed your mind with education, spiritual needs, family time, work needs or time of your financial needs. Balance is so important in all areas of our lives. I know nothing is going to be a clean percentage of our time but we need to have a balance of everything that is important to us in our lives. With out balance some of the important things in our lives could go away.

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