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Recently a relative of mine came to visit us in Arizona. She is from Minnesota and had Dental Insurance there. She cracked a tooth her second week down here and we tried to fix it with a temporary tooth repair kit from the drug store. It didn’t work and she was in a lot of pain. So, I made an appointment at my Dentist.

When we got to my Dentist office and filled out a ton of paperwork they told us that she was not covered in Arizona for any dental work. So we called the Minnesota company she had Dental Insurance with and they said they would pay for the exam but not any repairs. They said all repairs had to be done back in Minnesota. That is crazy, they had six more weeks down in Arizona with us. She ended up having a temporary fix done at the Arizona Dental office which cost her out of pocket like $186.

Would your Health or Dental Insurance cover you if you are traveling? I golf with so many Snowbirds that come to Arizona from about November 1st to May 1st. You know they probably have to go see the Doctor and have prescriptions filled. How do they do it? How would you? I am trying to get my relatives to come down for at least three to four months during the worst months for Minnesota weather. This situation didn’t help build their confidence.

We have our own travel plans to go to Jamaica in June, California in July and then Mexico in October. We hope our Insurance will cover us. We did have some backup Insurance plans for our trips out of the country.

Remember Life is too Short. Live with No Regrets. Money can’t buy you time. So many people wait too long to retire I feel and have lost out on some great years of good health to be able to enjoy their retirement years. So, Darlene and myself want to enjoy life to the fullest now when our health is good and the boys want to spend some time with us.

Read the details about our Travel Insurance that we have for our upcoming trip by Clicking on the below link

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We can help you with your home while you are gone. It doesn’t matter if you want help for a week or 12 months. We can help you out.
Rates vary depending on what you would like checked or maintained while you are gone out of town. Living in Arizona I have met a lot of people who live 6 to 9 months here in Arizona and then go back to Canada or other states during the warm months we have here. Contact me today with questions and for a quote.

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