Learn to Say “NO” to reach your Goals


If you are not reaching your goals it may be that you are not able to say that two letter word that we don’t like to say or hear. That word is “NO”. If we use that word at times it can help us reach our Financial Goals, Health Goals, Relationship Goals, Retirement Goals and more. Here are a few examples to think about. I know it can be hard for some people to say the word “NO”, but it can change your life and possibly lower your stress level.
I have had to say “NO” to my kids when they asked money for their College loans. We have told our Boys they are responsible for all their College expenses. So they need to work hard and study a lot, they need to say money in their college funds and they need to do volunteer work to add to their resumes. I have met people that don’t agree with us and that is fine. But I have seen people that keep helping their kids out in life with College, Cars and House expenses and yet they don’t have their Financial or Retirement Goals funded. I have seen parents that there kids are dropped out of College and living at home into their 30’s while there Parents are working. I have met a woman in her 70’s working because her Daughter and her two kids were living with her and couldn’t find work. I don’t know about your state but in Arizona almost every business has help wanted signs in the windows of their businesses.

How many people have you saw that have big houses with big mortgages and hardly any money saved for retirement? How many people that rent an apartment but keep having kids when they can’t afford the ones they have? How many people that are in major debt with no savings that still drive nice cars? How many people do you know that have little money or none saved, lots of house and car debt, college loans debt but still go out after work, go to concerts, go on vacations? They all need to learn to say “NO”. You don’t need a big house or a new car to be happy. You don’t need to go out with friends all the time or go on vacations to be happy. Your kids will survive if they have to pay for their own expenses. Your stress levels can go down if you learned how to say “NO”.

I am blessed with an awesome wife that is able to say “NO”. She doesn’t need the fancy things for our house, fancy night outs, fancy cars or other expensive pleasures. If we don’t have extra money then we stay home and play games or watch TV. At times I am sure our friends don’t understand but they may someday when they are age 59 with house debt and car debt and we are both able to retire if we want. I have worked with over 1,100 people with debt problems and
It was so sad how many people over age 50, 60, 70 was in debt. They thought they would work till the day they died. My wife and myself know that our bodies only have so many good years in them

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