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Someone said “Live with No regrets, Money can’t buy time”. I don’t remember who said that but I have it on my calendar I carry around with me every day. I know some may be saying what does this have to do with Golf, I would say to those that we need a strong mental game for golf. Mental strength in golf, other sports, and business or in life is so important. My website “” stands for Golf Body and Mind and my other website “” is to help people live Happier and more successful lives.

Recently I had a good friend of mine move to a different job at a different location due to the stress they were feeling at their old job. They will be making about 25% to 30% less pay at their new job but they feel it is worth their peace of mind and quality of life to be happy. They value happiness more than money, they value quality family time over money and they have no regrets for their decision.

I am not perfect and I have let my mind have thoughts of regrets for a job I may have left, a business I didn’t stick with or maybe a business I didn’t pursue. But then I read my quote in my book that says “Live with No Regrets – Money can’t buy Time” and it helps get my mind back on track.

I know I have talked about Balance so much in the past but it is because I feel it is so important. My good friend who took a lower paying job will now have more balance in their life. They may have better quality family time, they may have more time to enjoy their hobbies like Golf. They may sleep better and in turn with less stress in their lives their Health could be better and may live longer.

I have talked to so many people in their older years at the golf course and I have never heard one say that they should have worked longer. They most always say they wish they would have worked less or retired earlier to play more Golf. I have semi-retired starting back when I was 49 years old. Friends and people I met have said that I am crazy and you can’t do that unless you are wealthy. But Darlene and myself have no regrets over money that we could have made.

We moved to Arizona to live where we wanted to retire someday and before our boys got in High School. We both don’t like debt so we try to pay off everything. Our house and vehicles are paid off and we pay our Credit Card off at the end of each month so we don’t carry any balance. We may live simple to some people but we live within our income. We don’t take expensive vacations either but we live with No Regrets.

We hope we teach our kids good life lessons on enjoying life, enjoying little things in life and not putting work or money first. My priorities go 1. My wife – Darlene. 2. My Kids 3. My family and friends 4. Money, Business or Work. That is helping keep balance in my life and relationships. I have made mistakes in the past and put Money, Business or Work first and it put strains on my family relationship which lead to divorce 15 years ago. I will not let that happen again. But I also won’t have regrets from that time of my life, a lot of good came from those years and it made me a better person today for it.

In Golf I could have regrets that I don’t play enough or practice enough but I don’t? I make choices for everything I do and live with the choices and concenques. If I feel some part of my life is getting out of balance then I sit back and reevaluate what I am doing and what I need to change. It could be too much time on working out or too much time at making money that I need to adjust and give more time to my golf for example, whatever it is I will decide and not have regrets for my decisions.

I also focus on being happy. I have heard from so many people that you are too happy and people can’t be happy all the time. That may be true but why not try and why not try for 95% of the time. For instance like my friend did, if work is stressing you out maybe it is time to make a change. Maybe take time off or find a new job. But remember that Living with No Regrets can help with that also depending on what you choose. I choose to be happy so if something in my life isn’t fun I will make a change unless it is family of course, they are stuff with me for life. LOL But for me time is more important that money to me so if I need want to retire again, I will and with No Regrets.

A good friend of mine from Iowa who is an Author and Motivational Speaker said that if something isn’t fun we shouldn’t do it. For instance if you don’t wake up wanting to go to work or play golf then maybe you shouldn’t go and find a new career path or hobby. Life is too short to be stressed out or not happy. So live with No Regrets and be Happy.

We all need balance in our lives to be happy. So make time for fun. You have your whole life to make money and to do other things, take time out and play golf while you can. If you need help finding more Time or Money I offer Life Coaching services in person or over the phone.

Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of others you would like me to do in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people improve their Golf games, enjoy life more and be more successful.

Don’t give up on your dreams; don’t let others talk you out of your dreams. Make your dreams happen. Make it happen today.

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