March 2017 Results and Goals Progress

March went by fast also with all our family and friends coming to visit us. We did book a Disney Cruise for October this year and then booked a trip to the Beaches for 2018. Some more fun things to look forward to.

Stock Market was awesome this month again. I know stocks can go up or down but when they are going up it is fun. The first Quarter of the year was good also. Our Stocks in our Brokerage account is focused on Dividends and we hope for growth also. So it doesn’t bother me as Stock Prices go up or down as long as the Dividend payouts stay the same or increases.

We finally got my new Cell Phone carrier. We went to Cricket Wireless for $30 per month and canceled my Sprint Cell Home. Saving us $53 a month or $636 per year. We also had a TV Antenna installed this month and cancelled our Cable TV Service. It is saving us $63 a month or $756 per year.


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2017 Goals Progress
We did make more progress towards our New Year’s Resolutions also. We knocked off eating at another new Restaurant. We have four more to try this year. It is fun having things to look forward to.

Weight Lost Goal I lost 3.4 lbs for this QTR or 17% progress.

Boys went to King Kong Movie for this QTR or 16.67% progress. We did get Amazon Prime for them also.

Boys to Phoenix Open this QTR or 33.3% progress.

We did our Family Vacation to CA this QTR or 100% progress..

Our other two Vacations are planned for July and October.

I invested $1,000 in my Roth this QTR or 15.38% progress.

RE Wife put $150 in her Emergency Fun or 3% progress.

No progress towards new book, RE Wife Roth or my Emergency fun.


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