March 2018 and Financial and Goals

Since moving to Arizona it seems like each month is never boring. That’s of the many reasons we have so much fun living where people want to retire at. We just decided to move here and enjoy Arizona before we retired. Life is too short to wait.

This month we had more company from Minnesota. Sister Monica our Aunt was here with us which was fun. We got to go with her to a new restaurant and a new Church. She also kept busy with friends of hers down here. She borrowed our car and did her thing some of the days. It is always fun spending time with her and playing cards with her. She doesn’t win as much as her brother does. LOL

Our Diets were a challenge this month with going out to eat so many times and having some fun nights at home. This next month should be better since we have company for just a few days next month. We are looking forward to our really good friend Jim coming next week from Iowa. We have some Golf planned and fun times.

Mrs. RE is excited for another trip back to Minnesota for a Girls weekend in a week. I really think she should have picked a warmer place. She will get some good bonding time with Missy, Mom, Tanya and more girls back in Minnesota. She will be tired when she gets home. LOL

Mrs. RE worked a ton overtime working on remodeling stores and her store with Easter prep. She also is going to be moving to a new store this month. She will be 5 miles closer to home but more town driving so it will take the same distance.

Mrs. RE excited about her new Van. She got a used 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Van. It only had 9,800 miles on it. It is like a new Van and has the new car smell even. But it didn’t come with the new car price being used. I really like buying cars used instead of new to get some of the depreciation out so we can save some money. Our goal is to drive this van till we have over 200,000 miles on it. Car shopping is fun at times till you sit down with the salesman and then it loses its glamor. I will be blogging soon about our experience during the process.

Stock Market was on a Roller Coaster ride again. It has been quite a ride this year. I try not to look at it much each month so I don’t get caught up on the ride of emotions it can create. We are still at 100% in Dividend stocks in our Brokerage account. We are selling some of the stocks in a few weeks to pay off the Van.

Made some good progress on some books I am working on. Mills Way we did many blogs this month also. I am working on our Personal and Development programs and being more forward with people so they want to make the changes. I am trying to Wake Them UP and take action.
Here are our March 2018 Financial and Goals Results – click on below links

Read on to learn more about mine and how we performed last month and year. Click on the below link

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