May 2018 and Financial and Goals


May was a wild ride for sure. We did a bunch of fun stuff this month. But we had no rain again. We haven’t had rain here in Arizona since our relatives were here back in March. Hopefully we will get some soon. Our water bill is a rising with me watering our trees and bushes. Our rainy season normally is from June to September. When it rains here it normally is at night so we can still play golf and go swimming during the day.

Stock Market had highs and lows for the month but at least finished on a high. It has been quite a ride this year. I try not to look at it much each month so I don’t get caught up on the ride of emotions it can create. We are still at 100% in Dividend stocks in our Brokerage account.

Mills Way we did only a few months this month. I am not a fan of excuses but we were busy doing a lot of stuff this month. Sales were low this month also of our CDs and Books.

Mrs. RE. was busy as ever at work with lots of overtime again until the last week when she had some bad tooth pain. We went to the Dentist and she needs some major work done. That will be a process over the next few months. Hopefully not too much pain.

The boys and myself got to go hiking with Tom and two other boys. We hiked Flat Iron Mountain or tried too. We didn’t make it all the way to the top. The boys wanted to head back to go swimming at the pool. But it was a fun experience and good exercise for sure.

We had to do some Kitchen Lightening remodeling this month also. But we did it ourselves and I figured we saved at least $500 by not hiring an Electrician, Dry Wall guy and Painter. The boys got to some good experience also by helping with the project.
Here are our May 2018 Financial and Goals Results – click on below links

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