Mills Family Mission Statement

Businesses have Mission Statements for what they stand for. Why don’t you have one for yourself and one for your family? We have a Mission Statement for our family in our family room. We review it every six months. Each family member has input in it and we can change it at any time.

Encouraging our Boys

We also encourage our boys to have their own Mission statement. We also talk to them about having goals short term and long-term goals. We also talk to them about having action steps to go along with each of their goals. This all ties in with our daily readings we do with the boys for continuing education. We cover topics that aren’t covered at school, so we can help them be more successful in life.

Here is our Family Mission Statement;

Mills Family Mission Statement

  1. Love Family 1st. Love each other Daily and Forever. Call Parents, Grand Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. weekly.
  2. Family Board Game Night each month for 1 to 2 hours.
  3. Live in Balance. Make time for Family, Continue Education, Health, Finances, Spiritual, Hobbies and Friends.
  4. Live with Integrity Daily in our Actions and Words. Do what’s right daily.
  5. Grow our Minds. Continue our Education daily. Keep learning new things that will help us be successful in life.
  6. Be Kind to others. Be patient and help others.
  7. Take Care of our House. Take care of our possessions, Bikes, Cars, etc., so they will last longer.
  8. Be Healthy. Eat balanced meals with fruits and vegetables, do walks, play some outside daily. Drink at least four glasses of water a day.
  9. Family Reading time weekly. Read Educational Books for Success.
  10. Spiritual Time. Go to Church as a family, read the Bible weekly or watch Joel Osteen on TV.
  11. Be Polite to each in our family and to others.
  12. Be Truthful. Be Honest with yourself, Family, and others Daily. Don’t lie.
  13. Be Responsible. No Drugs or Smoking in our Family House. No underage Drinking in our Family House or by any family member.
  14. Be Financially Responsible. Save 25% of any Money we ever make and invest it. Live within our Budgets. When buying something ask yourself if it is a Need or a Want. Continue your Financial Education your whole life.
  15. Be Responsible for your Actions. Remember there are Choices and Consequences every day.
  16. Safe Home environment. We will have an 8-hour talk zone if in trouble and need a ride home. We can talk about anything in our family without any judgement. Be able to ask anything.

Live, Laugh and Enjoy Each other Daily

Our Mission statement we have posted around the house and in our bedrooms. There are times that we need to read it to the boys when they are showing how much they love each other. LOL

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