Need an extra $2,000 in Retirement Years

During our Retirement years things can come up and we may need to lower our yearly expenses to cover some expense that cam up unexpectedly. So, what do we do? Of course, you could go back to work if you wanted to part-time somewhere? But we retired to enjoy it. Also, you may not be in shape to go back to work either. So, what other options do we have?

I have worked with many people over the years on expenses and have talked about this in my books and blogs. To me it is so important of a topic I wanted to talk more about it. You may not use any of these ideas but it may get you to think twice if you are going to spend money on an unplanned purchase or on something unnecessary.

Today I am going to just talk about three expenses that Mrs. RE and myself reduced in the past years and the yearly savings. We could talk about every expense you have and come up with possible ways to save on it. I can cover other type of expenses in the future. Remember anything you buy it never hurts to ask for a deal, discount or all the details. It is amazing how many times we have got a deal on items or services for just asking.

Here are 3 Expenses that could Save you over $2,000 a year in your Retirement Years;

1. Gym Expenses – How often are you going to the Gym? Many people with Gym memberships aren’t even going hardly any. If you want to keep going there ask for them for a deal. If you are in a contract and want to get out of it see if you can negotiate a deal to get out of it. It may cost you some money. If in a contract send them a registered letter and an email saying you want to cancel your membership. If it is auto withdrawal make sure that gets canceled also. I have seen people spend $19 to $200 a month on a gym membership plus the cost of gas to drive to the gym. Mrs. RE and myself don’t go to the gym anymore. We go for walks in the neighborhood and invested $50 in some weights to lift at home. People could save up to $2,400 on this one expense if they have it.

2. Cable Expenses – I will go on the record I am not a fan of Cable companies and I hope that there will be cheap or free Internet options in the future. It is crazy what they charge people. If you have cable TV watch your bill close and look at all the items they are charging you for. So how many channels are you watching or could you get by with the basic Free TV channels? You could save $40 to $90 a month. Mrs. RE and myself cut out Cable TV and we have just the Free Basic TV channels that our TV antenna picks up. We don’t miss cable at all. Now if we could live without the Internet at home. I have friends that canceled Internet also and just use their phone for surfing needs. I’m not ready for that yet. But cutting Cable out could save you up $1,080 a year.

3. Cell Phone Expenses – Cell phone companies are always advertising everywhere there cheap phone deals but yet it seems like the expenses can add up. Mrs. RE spends $183 a month for two lines right now. She is locked in a contract and hasn’t worked on getting out of it yet. I’m currently with Cricket Wireless for my cell phone plan. I bought a cheap model smart phone that works fine for me. I pay $30 a month. That includes tax. I know companies are advertising 4 lines for $100 a month which we will look into the details in the future. So depending on if you have one line or more you might be able to save up to $720 a year on just one line.

So total for these 3 expenses you could save up to $3,800 a year. Imagine if you worked through all your expenses you have each month.

If you don’t have any of the above 3 expenses and need to save money each month. Do the same thing and look at everything you are buying and asked yourself is it a need or a want. Look at each bill and look for extra charges. Always ask for deals. Also check if your Bank is charging you monthly fees also. If they are shop around.

If you don’t track your expenses monthly I would suggest you do and then do a P & L at the end of each month. I know it has helped us a lot to see where we need to adjust back if our expenses get out of line. Normally Food and Entertainment normally get out of line sometimes.

If you are not quite retired yet you can still use the above items to save more money towards your retirement. I know and have worked with so many people in their 50’s and they hardly have anything saved for Retirement. They may have a house but they have also a large mortgage. They have nice cars which are not paid off. Think if they could live in a house that is paid off and drive cars that are paid off, how much could they be saving each month towards retirement. I wish I would have know this when I started out working at age 6 in the neighborhood.

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Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of others you would like me to do in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people retire early, enjoy life more and be more successful. Also, please see my Disclaimer page.

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