November 2017 Financial and Goals Update

November was a busy month. Starting with Doctor Physicals for both of us, Thanksgiving time to home repairs. It was a roller coaster month for sure. But it was a fun month with Thanksgiving and decorating the house inside and out for Christmas. We love Christmas at our house.

The Doctor physical for me was a good wakeup call to make some more changes on how much I exercise and what I am eating & drinking. They said my blood pressure was too high and I needed to lose weight. So we went and bought a blood pressure machine to check my blood pressure every morning and night. With doing two to three walks a day, eating less food and not drinking pop or alcohol my weight is down. My weight loss results below in the goals section. Also my blood pressure is now in the normal range. Good times.

Our major house repair was our Water Heater went out. You never know how tough it is to be without water till you don’t have it. We didn’t have water for about 16 hours. The water heater cost to be installed and warranty was $601. We did have some water damage in the garage that is drying out currently and then in December I will be replacing some insulation and drywall. Cost of the repairs for us doing the work looks like it will be around $60 hopefully. We got two estimates and one gave us a range from $1,800 to $2,000 to repair it. Another company that gave their estimate over the phone without seeing it said around $400 or more. So I decided to do it myself.

Stock market was a good month again. Why can’t every month be like this month and be up. The months it is way up is lots of fun. We don’t like the down months. LOL. We were up a lot for the month as you see below the numbers. We did sell a few more stocks again this month and rebalanced the amount of stocks we own. We are still working on our goal of no more than 5% in one individual stock.

We did do all our Christmas shopping on Black Friday weekend. We have a budget of $50 per boy so it doesn’t take long to shop but we have fun. We like going to the mall and seeing the hustle and bustle. We also like to get a fresh made Pretzel when we are at the mall. This time though I drank water instead of a pop for my new health goals plan. Darlene wanted to get our shopping done that weekend also since she has to work every day till January 4th she is thinking.
RE Wife had had a pretty good month with all the overtime she got again this month. She easily is averaging 10 to 12 hour days. She is defiantly ready for January trip back to Minnesota. She had Thanksgiving packages customers ordered plus lots of Holiday food trays that the customers ordered up on. December is going to be just as crazy for her as November was. But she is a hard worker and can handle it with a smile on her face.

Here are our November Financial and Goals Results

Read on to learn more about mine and how we performed last month. Click on the below link

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