November 2018 and Financial and Goals

When I think of November, I think of putting up Christmas Decorations and Thanksgiving Day. It is another fun family month for sure. It is a different month in Arizona then we had in the Midwest since we don’t have the leaves turn fall colors and we don’t have Snow where we live. But I am totally fine with no Snow.

Some people think that Christmas decorations shouldn’t be up until after Thanksgiving and I say that is fine to have your own opinion but we like ours up the first of November so we have two full months to enjoy all the decorations. Most people decorate their house inside and out the most with Christmas Decorations so why would you only have them up three or four weeks before. Doesn’t make since to me. Let me know when you put yours up.

Golf was exciting this month we me having my first Golf Channel Amateur Tour event in the last 18 months. We played the Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix. I ended up in a tie for second place and was two shots off the lead. I only played one practice round in the month but it was at the Legacy course which helped me a lot for the tournament. I got to see Chane, Joe and others their so it was nice to catch up with them. Next month I have Tim from Minnesota coming down to play a tournament with me. I asked Tom to caddie but he wasn’t able to. Maybe some other tournament in the future.

Mrs. RE had a crazy month at work with short of help and the holidays. Then to cap it off the store lost power for over four hours so the whole family went to the store to help pull all the product off the shelves and move it to the freezer. Then we cleaned the shelves and restocked most of it. Mrs. RE had to go back in the next day to finish up stocking the Cheese section. But her overtime pay was nice for the month. But we do miss seeing her.

Stock Market was a roller coaster of a month. I am glad I don’t look at it every day or I would get sick. LOL We did increase our Net Worth for the month but only by a bit. We are also still at 100% in Dividend stocks in our Brokerage account.

We did spend some money on some Christmas presents. I would say we are about 95% done. Black Friday week had some good deals we had been waiting on. We also got ourselves a nice Kitchen Aid Mixer we had been wanting.

Mills Way sales were low this month also of our CDs and Books. I did a bunch of blogs this month but it didn’t result in any extra traffic, followers or sales. I am hoping to crank out more blogs in the upcoming months to finish the year strong. Hopefully we can get building our Patreon followers up by our friends spreading the word. Plus, I wrote some more on my book this month. I just need to rent a cabin for a month and just write to finish it. It is a good project for my mind plus three other books I have started.

Here are our November 2018 Financial and Goals Results

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