Paying Off Christmas Debt

It has been almost four weeks since one of our biggest gift giving Holidays. For Darlene and myself we give over 50% of our yearly budget for gifts out at Christmas time. Plus we have two birthdays in December.
There are several ways a person could pay off their debt the fastest way but I say it depends on you and your situation. Here are some ways I feel are best to do:
1. Pay extra towards the smallest debt balance owed and once it is paid off take what you were paying on that one and pay it towards your next smallest debt bill. Include what you were paying on it with the whole amount you were paying on the one just paid off. This is my favorite way of getting out of debt. Of course we pay ours off at the end of the month now.
2. Another way is to pay the extra money you are able to free up in your budget towards the debt balance with the highest APR.
Now we are around 300 days left till the next Christmas holiday while don’t you figure out a way to start putting money away each paycheck to build up your Christmas giving fund. Then at Christmas time you would know what money you have exactily to be able to spend on gifts.
Some savings places might be to open up a savings account at a bank so you will keep the money seperate from your other money and it will be harder to touch since it is at a bank.
Another way may be to get a jar and put money in it every paycheck and hide the jar in your house. But I still like the bank route the best.
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