Respect in Relationships

This is an important key in any relationship we have from our Spouse, Kids, Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Boss and others. But it is an easy one to mess up on. It is a two-way street that if you want respect from a relationship you should make sure that you are giving it back.

Some people who don’t show respect to myself or others I seem to lose interest in. They aren’t people I want in my life. Not showing respect to others can be very negative thing.

Also, we need to show respect to ourselves. For instance, how well do you dress? Do you brush and floss your teeth daily? So, you shower daily? Do you keep your hair cut so it doesn’t look like a rug? Do you keep your hair combed? They may sound like basics but there are people that don’t do these simple tasks and it shows how little they respect themselves.

When we show respect for someone we are showing them we care about them. We also show them we trust them and support them. Even just giving them a smile can show respect to someone.

Here are few examples of showing respect to your bosses, neighbors, family members, friends and others;

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