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The more people I meet here in Arizona have different levels of stress. Some are retired and have stress over various concerns. Others want to Retire but have Stress about when to retire or if they have enough to retire someday.

So how can you live a Stress Free Retired Life forever? Here is part from my book “Mills Way to Richer Living” that I talked about Stress:

I was talking to my mentor the other day while praying and meditating about the stresses in my life. It seems as soon as I ask for help, answers start to appear everywhere, oftentimes in something that I am reading—an article, blog, magazine, etc.

My father said that’s how it works, you ask – and you receive. But, son – you’ve gotta ask.

So, I asked my good friend whose in his 60’s to mentor me.
In his past he studied medicine, psychology and philosophy, and he’s almost ready to pass on so he’s been imparting what he’s learned to me and a few others.

This chapter is a compilation of my father’s wisdom, and what my mentor, who’s been my friend for about two years.

Over the years, he said, he had many friends in the medical field, in the field of psychology, and the field of scientifically developing human potential.

Secretly, they dined together talking about the one that most negatively impacted the health and mental well-being of people today.

It’s always come down to stress causing disease. Mentor has repeatedly said to me, ‘you know, the medical field knows that stress causes disease, and death – but they really don’t have much to offer patients yet.’

It seems that back in the 1950’s doctors had discovered that stress called a lack of healthy balance in the body, a lack of homeostasis, and dis-ease, illness, was inevitably the result.

Stress gets in the way of learning and life — therefore it creates a barrier on your pathway to change to success.

I remembered my father telling me not to worry about little things in life. He said people worry and get sick. STOP YOUR WORRYING – it won’t help you, it CAN hurt you.

In the beginning doctors would refer patients to psychiatrists and the psychologists would refer patients to psychologists who would say – ‘you know it’s easy “just live . stress free”, but that’s more easily said than done – and even though everyone has challenges to face, some may have more than others and not be able to handle those challenges.

And so, I began to study the effects of stress on the body, and I was amazed. I remembered that Mentor said: “Back in the late 50’s, a young teenage boy walked into the lecture hall at Downstate Medical School in Brooklyn, NY – he had been to the library doing some research on the cause of genetic disease, and there wasn’t a lot of information on it – when he walked past a lecture hall that had the door partially open. He stopped at the words:

“Over 90% of the diseases of the human body are caused by lack of homeostasis – stress is the cause of these diseases. The other 10% are a mixture of infectious diseases, genetic diseases, and other factors which I fault to other causes. I believe that 90% of the disease that people experience could be easily treated if we had a significant treatment plan for stress.”

Shortly thereafter, this young man began to find that there was a systemic method to help people eliminate stress.

And that it came from Harvard University and also from physicians in Canada and there really was something that could be done about it.

And before we introduce that simple plan to you, let’s look at how life challenges determine how much they will impact us.

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Don’t give up on your dreams; don’t let others talk you out of your dreams. Make your dreams happen. Make it happen today.

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