Retirement Mind Tip of the Day

The Mind is an amazing thing and can help us make good life lasting changes. Some say you need to have more Pleasure than Fear when thinking about a choice in life. Sometimes you can use your mind the other way and create more Fear than Pleasure to make a change.

I know for me I create more Fear in my mind to keep my weight in line at times. Reasons I want my weight in line would be to live longer so I can enjoy more time with Family and Friends. Another reason for me would be so I have more energy to enjoy my Retirement years. Another reason would be to avoid the doctor and surgeons. I know I have no interest in taking pills for poor health or having knee replacement surgery. So that helps drive me to eat better and walk more.

I was talking with a friend the other day who has a net worth of over 4 times what we have. But yet his wife and himself are still working full-time. His job can be stressful also at times. They are both older than we are also. He said he is still working so he can enjoy retirement years like I am.

He is good with numbers at his job. I feel if he would put numbers to his retirement goals he would see he has enough to live on. Have you ever heard someone on their Death bed say “I wish I would have worked longer”? I sure haven’t.

For my Mind one of the things I do is have many different budgets and projections. I also use Fidelity Investments Retirement Projection tool. With all the info I have I feel at ease. I know things come up with unexpected large bills. We just face them as they come up and it works out. I need to create a Positive Scorecard for my Retirement years also. So I could use the Positive Retirement Card whenever I get negative thoughts in my mind. I also feel if I ever need to go back to work to make some money I could do many different jobs for sure.

A NLP tip to try is to Imagine yourself experiencing the benefits of being Retired. When you get these pictures in your head the pictures they can get feelings to follow. So imagine yourself doing what you would like to do in your retirement years. As you start to make the pictures, you can start then to add even more details of what you see, hear and feel to make your retirement experience even more vivid. I love NLP and I will keep passing on more NLP tips in the future.


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