RIP Mom 7-10-1933 to 4-29-2020

RIP Mom.

Mary Ann Mills. 7-10-1933 to April 29, 2020. Died at 1:25 AM. Married to Donald John Mills on May 20, 1951 and was married for 57 years until my Dad passed away on August 6, 2008. They had an awesome Daughter named Connie Clemons and the best ever son named Bruce Mills.

Have your favorite Drink today in her honor. Remember the good memories. She would want us to Celebrate her life today and everyday.

She leaves behind not only her daughter Connie Clemons and son Bruce Mills but also her daughter-in-law Darlene Mills and son-in-law Mike Clemons. Plus, her Grandkids Rebecca Mills, Matt Mills, Amber Clemons, Amanda Bradley, Ashley Clemons, Logan Sanchez and Seth Sanchez.

This is a sad time for our family since my Mom passed away. But if you knew my Mom then you know we would want to be celebrating her life and how she effected so many others life’s. She was a happy, go lucky, dancer, baker, encourager, loving and loyal wife and great Mom.

She is now in Heaven with my Dad who passed away in 2008. I am sure they are kissing and heading out to a square dance.

Most of us benefit from the wisdom and experience of our aging mothers and fathers who pass through a quarter century of life before we are even out of our playpens. The below are lessons I learned over the years from my Mom and Dad. My parents were great role models for Connie and myself while we were growing up.

The book “WAKE UP AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE” book was dedicated to my Mom who also taught me how to live a full and happy life, how to care and love others. She was an amazing Mom and she touched so many lives daily. Too bad she lived in Iowa. We didn’t get to see her enough. But I do believe God has a reason for everything and I believe God has her right where she should be. Below are some parts from the book dedicated to her.

The below lessons are some of the lesson’s that Mom has taught me over the years and others. Also, how she made a difference in so many others life’s. My sister Connie Clemons is just like my Mom. I also used to think of my Mom was like an older Terri Posey who was so caring and happy all the time.

My Mom always make life seem like fun. She does make others feel better when she is around them. My Mom has faced many challenges in her life and doesn’t back down from any of them. I am not able to tell you her real age because she will tell you she is 39. She acts like she is 39 also, what a great way to live. I need to act like I am 39. The lessons below is what I learned over the years are in no special order.

Lesson 1 – Love and Relationships

My Mom is a real definition and example of love. She had a challenging life as a child and up to her current age. But she stills is full of love and is loved by so many people. I never got to know her parents very well since I was a young child when they passed away. I do remember my grandfather some and he was always nice to me. He also was into investing in stocks some so maybe that is where I get my passion for Investing from.

Parents’ Marriage

My parents got married on May 20, 1951 and were married for 57 years, when they got married, they had a double wedding with my Dad’s brother. The Rev. James Sloan officiated the wedding at Park Avenue Methodist Church. Another example of how my Mom showed her belief in love and relationships by sharing her wedding day with Bob and Eva. Most people would be too selfish to do that.

She spent fifty-seven years in faithful love with my dad. How many people do you know that stayed together for even twenty years? My parents were the perfect example of how to love someone selflessly (unselfishly) through listening, compromise, and working together. Divorce was never on the table.

If you are married or have been married you know how their can be times when you both don’t agree on a certain issue. Most people have most of their fights over money or time. My parents also had some disagreements but my mom never let them go to bed mad at each other.

My parents were always very open about kissing one other and touching each other in gentle and loving ways. They set an example through their passionate marriage for their children.

It was devastating to my father when my mom had a stroke. He was totally lost while she was in the hospital; she was everything to him. Their marriage is the kind of marriage that I can only dream about. My dad never said anything bad about my mom. He would sometimes joke about having to take her shopping at the mall too often, but he never really complained.

Mom and dad loved to go square dancing. They had lots of friends in their square dance club and would travel around. When you watched them, you could tell by the look on their faces how much they loved each other and enjoyed each other.

When they did have a disagreement I never once heard either of them say the word ‘divorce’. That was not a word in their vocabulary. Too bad not everyone took marriage as serious as my mom and dad did. They accepted each other’s wants, desires and how they each changed over the years. A great lesson for all.

My parents had two children, Connie and myself. My sister grew up to be an amazing woman, wife and mother. I know that it had a lot to do with the fact that our mom was such an amazing person. Mom encouraged us to follow all of our passions and never complained about the costs of those passions. Mom and dad never told me that he could not afford a sports camp or any of the gear we may have needed for our various activities. Mom and dad somehow did all of that for us, plus mom and dad always found the money take all of us on family vacations every year. Normally to Chicago or Wisconsin Dells.

My mom always gave me encouragement to follow me for my dreams. She never said any of my dreams were stupid or unattainable. She would be such a good listener to all my wild thoughts over the years and was patient with me when I tried some of them. I wish I had her enthusiasm, love and strength. She is an amazing mom. I am lucky to have her as my mom.

My Dad was involved in bowling big time, he bowled in many leagues and traveled to several tournaments each year. Tournaments were mini vacations for both of them. Growing up we all went as a family. My mom was always back their cheering him on and was his good luck charm. It was challenging for mom when dad was bowling on one pair and myself or Connie was bowling on a different pair. She had to try to keep going back and forth to watch and cheer us all on. It was always nice for me to see her there cheering me on.

She was my example to learn from as well as an example for his grandkids.  He showed them how important it was to be loving and loyal, and to put your family first. Even when dad died August 6, 2008, she still remained strong and kept up being example for others to follow.

Family Matters

My Mom has a very close relationship my sister and her grandkids, all of us would do anything for her. She also creates new relationships easily and makes lasting long-term relationships. I know neighbors that had moved out of the neighborhood that she stayed good friends with. I have moved about seventeen times and the relationships seem to fade away. The boys get sad at times when thinking about past friends, we tell our boys that you will always have family. Family matters and should be your best friends. We defend and stick with each other in our family.

Growing up with my Folks

My mom would get up early in the morning and stay up late at night. She didn’t need much sleep. Growing up, I used to have a pool table in the basement, we were noisy I am sure but she never complained. At times when friends visited, they would wander upstairs to hang out with my mother. They loved talking to her, eating her famous chocolate chip cookies and that said she was fun to hang out with. I always joked to my mom about my friends wanting to hang out with her more than hang out with me.

I remember, one night we were having a big pool tournament at the house and a ton of people all of a sudden were missing. So, I went upstairs to see if my friends had left, but what did I find? They were there in the living room hanging out laughing with my mom. I have told that story so many times but it was something that happened quite often. My friends would say how fun and nice my mom is.

Our house was full of fun and love when we were growing up. My mom made all holidays fun from special greeting cards, gifts, homemade cookies to her custom cakes she would make. She made us spoiled, I just can’t buy a store made cake after eating all of my mom’s cakes over the years.

True Love

I don’t ever remember seeing my dad worrying about anything except for when my mom had a stroke and was recovering in the hospital. At that time, he was a mess. He couldn’t sleep in their bed; he didn’t want to eat. He wanted to spend every second he could at her bedside. That was the only time I ever saw my dad worry about something.

Personally, I see that as an awesome example of love for another human being. I am sure most people may not admit it but they would love to have someone love them that much.

Money, relationships and work seem to be major worries for a lot of people. My mom and dad never worried about money, even though my mom couldn’t work due to her health condition. My folks never had much money in the bank but they still never worried about money; they lived to try not to have any debt and to live on what-ever money they had coming in.

When my dad was laid off, they never showed me that they had any worries about money. When International Harvester in Rock Island, IL that my dad worked at closed up and they asked him to relocate, he decided to retire early and find another job. This is very difficult when you are in your fifties. Still they never showed us any worries about money. What a great example on how to live a loving and happy life. It’s a great story for others to follow, especially for me. I wish I could say I never worry at times but I can’t say it.

True Love
To my dad’s dying moments, my dad showed how much he cared and loved my mom. He died of bone cancer, and it was one of the hardest times of my life; I had thought divorce was tough, but it was nothing compared to losing my dad. There is a good story I put in my “Mills Way to RICHER LIVING” book about his experience at the end of his life. One of the last things he said to me was to please take care of mom. He did not want to leave her alone. He loved her and cared for her so much. My mom and dad are a true example that all marriages should be. They both were not selfish in their marriage. They just loved and cared for each other with all they had.

Remember, I believe that each of us has the power to make ourselves happy. No person, no amount of money, no job, no home, no luxury car, and no yacht can make us happy. We must enjoy what we have and be thankful.

I can relate to those dreadful feelings that things just won’t work out or that a relationship or marriage won’t last.It is too bad that people can’t always be supportive of others’ dreams or the choices others have made.

Surround Yourself with Those Who Believe in You

Surround yourself with people who can think outside the box. Surround yourself with people who won’t discourage your dreams. Surround yourself who are a positive influence for you. Marry someone who will be positive in tough times and stick with you through all of life’s challenges.

I think back of how many times people told me something wouldn’t work out or I wouldn’t achieve what I wanted to achieve, but in the end, I quite often got my target goal achieved. Of course, no one knows if something will or won’t work out on a 100 percent consistent basis. But it is known that you will never know if you don’t try, and you will never know if something will work until you put it to the test.

I have had plenty of times that I did acquire or achieved something without knowing it would turn out in my favor. For example, some investments I invested in hasn’t work out so perfectly. But still, I will always pursue my dreams and learn from the things that don’t work out as well as I hope they would have. So, make mistakes fast, learn from them, and never give up.

“Family is so important, never forget your birth mom and dad, love and treasure them. Never let others influence your thoughts of them. There is no love like parents have for their birth children.” –Bruce Mills

Lesson 2 – Encouragement to others

My mom would be a great motivational speaker on the subject of encouragement. She could touch so many lives with her story over coming sickness as a child to being told negative things from doctors that tried to hold her back from living a full life. Some people may have just given up but my mom never gives up. She just keeps proving people wrong and encouraging others along the way.

I learned from my mom and dad, who always made my sister and I feel safe and supported, to never discourage our dreams. I never heard my dad try to discourage my sister for following her dreams of dancing professionally. They didn’t say negative things to try to convince her to give up.

My mom never discouraged me through the years either. Instead of going to college right away, I wanted to work towards my goal to be a store director for Hy-Vee food stores. Even then, he didn’t try to talk me out of it. He supported my decision and never criticized the decision I made. I did reach that goal of being a store director for Hy-Vee; my mom and dad were so proud that day.

When I wanted to get married or start new business, Mom never tried to discourage me. Instead, she always showed faith in me. I truly believe that she had a deep belief in me. My mom and dad both made me feel like I could do anything I put my mind to.

Mom is a good listener to everyone from young kids to adults. She makes them all feel like they have her full attention and that she believes in them fully. I remember when I was young, I wanted to be a Professional Quarterback for the Vikings, then I wanted to be a Fireman, and then I wanted to be a Police Officer. Those are just a few examples of my early career dreams and all of them my mom was a big supporter for me. She kept encouraging me to go for it.

At the bowling alley the bowlers know my mom. She is there cheering them on and being a positive influence for them. She encourages them to keep trying and try to keep improving.

The neighborhood boys that play baseball and other sports she keeps in touch with them on how they are doing. She is very interested in them and their passions. She is encouraging them by her interests in them.

My mom is so happy, fun and caring. She was good at looking at the good things she had and not what she didn’t have. She for sure had gratitude and always had gratitude for the 55 years I had had her as my mom.

Lesson 3 – Sharing and Giving to others

Mom teaches us the importance of sharing and giving to others. Mom would give her shirt off her back for others. She was so good at sending out cards to family and friends for all special occasions. It is hard now for her since she is in the nursing home and has a limited budget.

She also gave to others her skills of baking. She made some fantastic custom Cakes for our family and others. Plus, she would make her famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. She also made the best ever homemade Chocolate Dip and Homemade Ice Cream. I sure miss those treats.

Food was always good at our house. She loved to share her food with others. When friends had special events or family events, she would make her homemade Dinner Rolls and take what ever was left after Connie and myself eating them up before they hit the oven. The dough was so good.

Another famous recipe of hers was her Homemade Chicken and Noodles. Why they were good. She made the noodles from scratch. I have tried to make Noodles and Dinner Rolls by scratch but they never turned out even close to how mom made them.

When someone was going through a tough time, she would call them daily and check on them. Even if the call was just a few minutes I bet it meant the world to them. That is a skill she taught me by doing it but I am not a good student, I am not good at making calls often to friends. Something to work on for sure. How many of your friends do you call weekly to check in on?

Other Friends Helped

There are so many other friends of the family that continue to give support to my mom and sister that I want to take a minute to express my appreciation to them. I feel a whole book could be written on them all.

My parents have always had a good supportive circle of friends. My mom can’t drive and can’t walk so she has relied on the goodness of her friends and neighbors to help her. Then a lot of their friends that would come over and hang out with my mom when she was living at home by herself. It is so awesome seeing such a great group of loving and caring people.

Some used to take my mom to her weekly beauty salon appointment, or go to the store for her or just stopping over and checking on how she’s doing. I know can never thank them all enough. Connie has been there the most for mom and I appreciate her so much for that. But there are times that she is at work or taking care of her family so she isn’t always available.

That is why I am so happy she is in the Nursing home now. She has people to help her now 24 hours a day. Food and drinks daily. Help with going to the bathroom and taking a bath.  Activities she can join in like Bingo and more. Laundry done and more. Her room is pretty nice also and has a good view. Plus, she gets her hair done right there at the nursing home.

Spoiling Me

I can say she spoiled me. It was a benefit of having a mom that was a stay at home mom. I didn’t realize everything she did each day until I was a stay at home dad and then got a whole new appreciation for everything she did. Not only the lessons she taught me by her actions daily.

She made me so many breakfasts early in the morning. I worked at an Ice Company in Jr High and would get up early for work. She would be there asking me what I wanted for breakfasts. If I was going Hunting or Fishing in the morning, she would be up asking me what I wanted for breakfast. She made me a lot of Cinnamon Rolls, Eggs and Pancakes over the years. It was really special how much she gave of her self to me and I appreciate it.

When I was in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, she was there to help out with anything special our group needed. She never complained about sewing all those badges on my uniform. If I needed anything, she would tell my Dad to get the car so we can go shopping. I learned that from my mom also to get things done now and don’t put them off.

Connie was busy also

My sister Connie is ten years older than I am so I wish I could tell you a lot of stories from her years with mom but I can’t remember a ton during the years she lived at home until leaving for college.

I know my sister started with Dance classes at an early age. She also did Pageants when she was in her younger years and also at College. She also did the Baton. I remember her practicing in our front yard and when it fell to the ground it would burn up our grass. I bet my mom was busy with her outfits and costumes. Connie was in the Wizard of Oz which my mom talked about a lot. That for sure is her favorite movie.

Lesson 4 – Successful and Independent

Another Wake Up lesson from my Mom that she teaches us is to not be afraid to go it alone. It isn’t easy for anyone to go it alone after being married for over fifty years I bet. But my mom shows us that you can do it.

After Dad died, she lived in her house by herself for almost eight years. She was in a wheel chair and couldn’t walk but she didn’t let that hold her back. She also never had a driver’s license to add to her list of challenges she was facing by living independently. She didn’t complain about her situation. She is a great inspiration.

Connie stopped over and helped a lot when she could and friends would stop over and help some also but most of the time until she moved into the nursing home she was on her own. Living successful and independent woman.

My mom eventually had to move to a nursing home full-time after more loss of her muscles following a heart attack. It was hard for her I bet at first after living in her home for over fifty years and on her own for over eight years. But with her health she needed to make the move to the nursing home for the medical attention and personal care they can provide for her on a daily basis around the clock.

I asked my mom and dad for help twice in my life when I thought I was in a really desperate time. Both times they said they loved me and that I would figure it out. They were right. I did make it through and I think stronger then if they would have forked over cash to me. So, I say to Adults still living at home that they need to “Wake Up” and take “Action” towards getting out on their own.

It is expensive to live on your own. But it is expensive for everyone and we all need to be strong like my mom and just make it work. My mom made it work on a tight budget, she didn’t have a huge bank account or a large pension coming in. But she made it worked. She stayed with in her budget and didn’t spend more money than she had.

We are really trying to teach our boys to live like my mom did and not to borrow money. They like to borrow money and pay it back later. It’s a habit I hope they break. Now a days it is too easy to borrow money or buy stuff on credit. It seemed harder back when I was young.

Lesson 5 – Outgoing and Fun

My mom does teach others how to have fun. My mom isn’t shy for sure and her personality is contagious being around her. Her smile and laughter can brighten anyone’s day. She is fun to be around and gets us to laugh easily.

There are many examples of how she is outgoing and fun in her lifetime. I know her friends have a ton of them that we could write a whole book about. I am sure I have not even been told one percent of her fun stories from her friends. Probably like I haven’t shared all my stories with my mom or kids either.

Growing up with my Mom

Growing up, I used to have a pool table in the basement. Every time friends visited; they would wander upstairs to hang out with my mother. They loved talking to her and that said she was fun to hang out with. I always joked to my mom about my friends wanting to hang out with her more than hang out with me.

I remember, one night I went upstairs to see if a bunch of friends had left, and there in the living room it full of my friends hanging out laughing with my mom.

With the photo below of my mom and dad in one of their many square dance outfits you can see their happiness. I wish I could put videos in this book of their past square dancing. They were so good on the dance floor. My sister probably got her dancing genes from them but I sure didn’t. I dance like an Iowa guy. LOL, I have no dancing skills. But they were fun to watch. They not only danced locally but they also traveled to other towns to dance. We stayed nights in different hotels and I got to make a lot of new friends also.

My mom made holidays fun for us growing up and for the grandkids when they were growing up. One of the things she did was let us play or try any sports we wanted to. We had a great backyard that we played baseball, football, kick ball and more in. We also had an above ground pool in the backyard. It wasn’t a fancy one but yet kids still had fun in it.

My mom let us get dirty, have water balloon fights in the summer, play in the creek and woods in the summer and winter months. During the winter months she was there with us making snowmen to having snowball fights. Growing up our house was the house most kids hung out at. They liked all the fun things to do and they loved my mom’s cookies and treats she gave out. We also had plenty of Pepsi on hand for us all. Some of you may say that isn’t healthy but we didn’t think about it back then, it was just normal. Now today there is so much hype of news on the importance of eating healthy and not drinking pop. I am doing better than I used to but I still like my Pepsi and Chocolate.

My mom played lots of cards with us growing up and then also played cards with friends of theirs. Some of their close friends like Bob and Mary Lou are no longer with us, which was sad and hard on my mom and dad when they each passed away. But they were examples of surrounding yourself with good people. Bob and Mary Lou were outgoing and fun to be around. Most of my mom and dad’s friends were outgoing and fun people. Do you surround yourself around good people that bring you up or others that pull you down?

My mom also enjoyed shopping at malls in our home town and surrounding towns. My mom liked shopping at malls to socialize with more people. She had fun talking with people in the stores. Mom and Dad would go out to eat after she was done shopping. She did more looking then spending. Dad would take naps at the mall and he enjoyed eating out afterwards. He was a quiet man and never hardly complained about anything. I know he enjoyed any time he spent with mom.

My mom also made it a fun house for the dogs we had over the years. She spoiled them as much as she spoiled all of us. She had fun with them and they were very protective of her.

Mom also made everyday special for her grandkids. She loved them to the moon. She played games with them anytime they wanted to. She made them snacks when they wanted them. She made our house fun and loving. She taught us how to make memories and I would bet all the grandkids have many great memories of spending time and sleep over at gramma mills house.

When Connie moved to California my mom would love to visit her out there. She would stay with Connie and myself and dad would come back home. Mom made many friends in California also and touched many lives there also. She was fun to be around and had tons of energy. She still is fun of course to be around but she doesn’t have the energy levels that she had fifty years ago.

Lesson 6 – “No” or “Can’t” isn’t in her vocabulary

Another Lesson my Mom taught us was that anything is possible and not to listen if to people who say you can’t do something. I know that when someone tells me that I can’t do something then I get really motivated. I must get that from my mom.

Doctors said she would never walk, talk or have kids and she proved them wrong. She did learn to walk, talk and later in life got married and had two wonderful kids. She became an awesome square dancer in her adult life as you know also. If those Doctors could have been there to watch her dance, they would have to eat their words.

When I was in like 6th grade she played in a parent-son basketball game. I ended up getting MVP and received a trophy. I was so proud of that trophy and happy that my mom played. Think once she was told she would never walk in her life but here she was playing basketball with me in a tournament.

I am sure some people probably told my mom that when my dad passed away that no way she could live on her own when she was in a wheel chair and had no drivers license. She proved them wrong. She lived on her own for eight years before moving to Lutheran Homes.

Mom’s Vision in 1981

I wish I would have listened to my mom back in 1981. She told me when I was in tenth grade that I should get into computers. She said computers is the future. I thought she was crazy. We had no computers in our High School or in our house. We had to take typewriting class. What was she thinking? LOL.

Think how my life may have been different if I had listened to her. If I would have bought stock in Microsoft instead of buying cars and other toys, I would have millions of dollars in the bank. But as most kids probably think that their kids don’t know anything that is what I thought at the time. Now I know how smart my mom was and I should have listened to her.

Anything is possible

Mom never said something wasn’t possible. She never told me that I couldn’t do anything. If I said I was going to the Moon someday she would say I know you can. Another reason my folks stayed married was not only their love for each other but they both knew they would follow their vows they gave to each other and make it work out. Divorce was not in their vocabulary. She did a good job in marrying my dad, a man with integrity and did not believe in divorce.

Nothing Is Impossible, Except Maybe Attitudes

Believe in yourself and that anything is possible. If you can imagine it, then it can happen. Who can really say that this or that isn’t possible? Think of my mom who was told when she was young that she would never walk again, but she did learn to walk and was an awesome square dancer for many years. Thank goodness she didn’t listen to the doctors.

I am able to also just think of my mom anytime something may sound impossible to me or too hard to do and then ask myself why I am being such a wimp, look at what my mom has achieved in her life. I can do this.

Lesson 7 – Special is the way she makes you feel

My friends seemed to always like being with my mom and the way she made them feel. She makes you feel like they are the most special person in the world when she talks with you.

Mom made all our holidays so very special and mad us feel so loved. She won a Snoopy Christmas tree one year and she was so proud of it. The tree was another great touch to our Christmas decorations.

Mom loved Sunflowers also. Mom and Dad had Sunflowers around the garage that they would grow each year. Some of them got huge and tall. Inside our house she put Sunflower handles on all the cupboards. She made our house inside and out feel special with her touch of Sunflowers.

Mom is very proud of her kids and grandkids and loves to tell others about us all. She makes us all feel special with her enthusiasm she has when telling others about us. I’m sure people at the nursing home know all about us.

My dad was in the Korean War or Conflict, how ever you want to put it. He didn’t talk about it hardly until his last few years of his life. But mom was very proud of how he served our nation and what he accomplished while in the military. She told others about his service and accomplishments.

I am sure she is touching lives and making people feel special in the nursing home. I know she is getting out playing bingo at the nursing home with friends she has there and also doing other activities there.

My mom’s lessons are good Wake Up lessons or examples for kids to learn from. Below are more Wake Up lessons that we have covered with our boys to help prepare them for their future. If you kids are not kids anymore, I still feel it still isn’t too late to cover some of these items with them if they will sit and listen.

Everyone always comments on how beautiful my mom is.

More Wake-UP Lessons

My mom and dad weren’t rich, but they did show tough love. Anything I needed for sports or school they provided it. When it came to items I wanted, not needed, they encouraged me to go out and make the money to pay for it. For instance, once I was old enough, they encouraged me to go to the neighbors and ask if I could help them with mowing their lawns in the warm months and shoveling snow from their driveways in the winter months.

This led to my first official job working for a neighbor’s ice company. That job leads me to be a manager of an ice company at the age of seventeen. Then the following year, I got a job with a large grocery chain. I worked my way up to store director by the age of twenty-nine. If my parents hadn’t taught me so many great lessons, I may not have achieved any of these amazing accomplishments.

God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way.

Disappointments are like road humps, they slow you down a bit, but you enjoy the smooth road afterwards.

Don’t stay on the humps too long. Move on! When you feel down because God is thinking of something better for you, when something happens to you, good or bad, consider what it means.

There’s a purpose to life’s events, to teach you how to laugh more or not cry too hard. You can’t make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize your worth.

The measure of love is when you love without measure. In life there are very rare chances that you’ll meet the person you love and loves you in return. So, once you have it don’t ever let go, the chance might never come your way again.

It’s better to lose your pride to the one you love, than to lose the one you love because of pride. We spend too much time looking for the right person to love or finding fault with those we already love, when instead we should be perfecting the love we give.

When you truly care for someone, you don’t look for faults, you don’t look for answers, nor do you don’t look for mistakes. Instead, you fight the mistakes, you accept the faults, and you overlook the excuses.

Mom we all will miss you so much. Have fun with Dad in Heaven and Thanks for everything you did for us all.

Love Bruce, Darlene, Logan and Seth

Book in her honor

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