Saving for Kids College is Optional

There is no law that I know of that says parents have to pay for their kids’ college. As far as I know it is optional. We have told our kids for years that they need to pay for college if they want to go to college.

We believe college is very important and something they may need to get a good job in the future. Some people say that college isn’t needed, those people must not be putting in for jobs. If they were, they would see how many jobs are asking for a BA degree as a requirement.

We do know many successful entrepreneurs that never went to college and are very well off. Some of them went into the family business, some started their own business and some went into the trades by working their way up with a company.

Here are some ways to help your kids with College without paying for their college expenses. Some ways are;

  • Let them live at home with you while they are in college. The cost of living on campus or getting an apartment close by can cost your kids a lot. Plus, may have more distractions that take away from why they are attending college and those distractions could cause them to have lower grades, not pass classes or take longer to graduate. If they have to take classes over or go longer to college of course it could cost them even more.
  • Encourage your kids to go to an In-State Community College for their AA degree. This will save Logan $12,760 just in tuition over going to a University those first two years.
  • Encourage your kids to go to a In-State University for their BA and Masters Degrees.
  • Help them look into ways to save money on books. See if you can find used books.
  • Encourage them to save money for college while in High School so they can pay cash for college.
  • Encourage them to possibly work at school to save money on college and for an extra income.
  • Encourage them to find at least one job that would give them at least 20 hours a week to pay for college.
  • Encourage them to live debt free and not take out any Student Loans.
  • Encourage them to fill at 5 college scholarship applications a week or more as soon as they can start. We had Logan start looking into them his Junior year in High School.
  • Encourage them to take dual enrolment classes in High School so they can get college credits for some of their High School Classes.
  • Encourage them to ask their part-time jobs to see if they offer any college classes assistance programs. I had a friend that got his BA and Masters through a work program and at no cost.

With our kids living at home and us helping them through the whole process of saving for college and not taking our any student loans we hope our boys will graduate without any college loans. Logan so far is on track to have his first two years already paid for.

As always, I am not giving you any Financial Advice and you should seek advice from your Professional Advisors to see what is best for your situation. See my Disclaimer at This is for entertainment only.

We feel we are teaching our kids life skills and helping them take responsibility for their finances. We also feel our boys will take college more seriously because they are having to pay for it. We have told them that we will not co-sign on any student loans. We want them to be debt free after college. We encourage them to stay debt free their whole life.

Did you go to college? If so, did you pay for your college expenses? If you have kids are you going to pay for college, or will they? Let me know.


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