September 2018 Financials

September was a busy and expensive month for sure. But also, it is High School Football time here in Arizona. We took the boys to one game and then Logan went to Home Coming game with friends the following week. September marks the last month of cheap golf rates also here in Arizona until next April or May depending on the golf course. So sad. LOL

We decided this month to not buy a moped for Logan. We went a car route for his safety. There have been too many motorcycle accidents lately on the news. Logan still isn’t showing a lot of interest into getting a driver’s license which is fine with us for now. We did buy a third car this month that we will have around so someday if he does get a license he will have a car he can use if he needs to run somewhere. The car is a Honda Accord used with about 107,000 miles on it. Our mechanic wanted us to try to buy a Honda or Toyota for dependability and repair costs for long term.

Mrs. RE. was busy at work and back working tons of overtime again. She is looking at a busy month in October since she is moving to a new store today to help turn it around like she has the past three stores. She does have things to look forward with family coming to stay with us from the end of December thru March and she also is taking a trip by herself.

Stock Market is still on a good overall but we were down some for the month. More of our Dividend stocks were down for the month than up. Maybe October will be better since it looks like we have maybe came to a trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. I still feel like stocks will still be the place to be invested in. We are also still at 100% in Dividend stocks in our Brokerage account.

House taxes we paid this month so besides the new car expenses we had house taxes. I feel wiped out by all these expenses. LOL Good thing we are both good at budgeting for future large expenses. We didn’t have to sell any stocks to make it through this month thank goodness. We are looking like low expenses the rest of the year besides maybe some Christmas presents.

Mills Way sales were low this month also of our CDs and Books. I did a bunch of blogs this month but it didn’t result in any extra traffic, followers or sales. I am hoping to crank out more blogs in the upcoming months to finish the year strong. Hopefully we can get building our Patreon followers up by our friends spreading the word.

Here are our September 2018 Financial and Goals Results – click on below links

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