Stop Worrying

Some people seem to never have a worry and others seem to worry about everything in their lives. How much do you worry each day? What things do you worry about? Do you have any control over those things? A friend of mine always give me a hard time if I say something I worry about, he says if you worry about it, that it could transpire.

I am not giving anyone any Medical or health advice, you should seek a professional for that. I know many people have talked about having a worry disorder. Basically, the world is full of people who have these disorders. These are people who worry about the world (or their personal world) coming to an end. They anticipate failure, the ending of a relationship, the dog eating their homework, etc. Just read the emails I receive about the Stock Market crashing to the Banks going down and the need to keep cash. Same can go for the negative stuff on the TV news.

The truth is, we all worry about anything and everything because we don’t realize how damaging worry is. Entire psychiatric and psychological therapy fields are based on people worrying too much, and then there are the alternative medicine people with their prescriptions to stop the worrying. Here’s my advice:

“Don’t worry—be happy!”

That’s the remedy. It is possible to stop worrying and to start enjoying life. You waste a lot of energy when you worry about things. People around you can consume considerable energy themselves while around you if you are constantly worrying about everything.

People enjoy being with other people who are fun and happy. Can you imagine yourself not worrying about so many things? What would it mean if you were not worrying about everything?

Another friend of mine spent all week worrying about his girlfriend because he feared that she wanted to break up. The truth of the matter was that she was too busy to see him that week. Yet, there he was, complaining to his friends all week long that she wasn’t seeing him, and he also told me that he was having problems sleeping and had also lost his appetite..

Life is too precious to waste time worrying. This same friend let himself get all worked up and then, finally, his girlfriend sent him a text asking if he wanted to have dinner with her. By this point, he was so worked up that he was ready to end their relationship.

When he arrived, she opened the door and gave him a big kiss and hug. Then she said how much she had missed him all week long. She had made him his favorite meal. The rest is history.

She had been busy with work and was overstressed with work and didn’t have time to see or talk to him that week. That’s it.

It seems that both of them needed to learn how to not worry and start living. She lost a week of her relationship because she was so absorbed in working. He lost a week of his life by just worrying and not enjoying life.

So “Don’t worry—be happy!”

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Here is a positive quote I like; “Remind yourself daily that there is no way to happiness; rather, happiness is the way.” ― Wayne W. Dyer, Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

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