Feeding your Mind

Feeding your Mind with positive thoughts is so important. Also, it is important who we surround ourselves with and how good of friend we are to ourselves. Sometimes we probably don’t realize the negative things we say to ourselves. If you are a golfer you know how easy it is to get negative towards yourself. […]

Video Games or Books

This is a debate for many parents and grandparents now a days. Times have changed a lot since I was in school for sure. I know I am dating myself but do feel the way our lives were 40 years ago were a lot more productive learning environment. Also in the past when I grew […]

Some Life Lessons We Passed On to our Kids

Below are Some Life Lessons that our two boys. Please don’t take them as advice for your situation. You should always seek professional advice for Financial, Legal and Medical situations. That is my quick disclaimer. LOL. I hope the below lessons help our kids in the future. I wish my parents would have taught me […]