Christmas Budget and Planning

I know you may be not wanting to talk about Christmas yet but it is a fun time of the year and needs some planning to not go broke. Stores down here in Arizona are starting to get Christmas decorations out and we are still 73 days till the big day. It is easy to […]

Teenager Driving Costs

Each state has different costs and rules in general for getting your drivers license as a teenager. When I grew up in Iowa we could get a driver permit at the age of 14. Then we took Drivers Ed class in High School and then once we turned age 16 we could go down and […]

April 2018 – Financial and Goals

April just flew by. It seems like it just started. Darlene has a fun trip back to Minnesota for a girls weekend. Seth and myself went to a Warriors game this month also which was fun. We did decide to cancel our Disney trip that we had booked for October since Logan hasn’t been taking […]

Save Now or Retire Later

A lot of people around my age are starting to think about Retirement and what age they will be able to retire at. Hopefully they have been saving money in Investments and in their works 401K plans if they have a job. What is your situation? I meet a lot of people my age that […]

Debt Free for more Income

If you currently don’t have any Debt then you can skip over this Key. But if you are like a majority of people in the United States then you are probably sitting on a pile of Debt. A pile of Debt to some people may be $2,500 and some it may be $850,000. Over the […]

Track It for more Income

Most people I have worked with thought they knew what they were spending for the month on different categories of their expenses. Yes, they may know what their House Payment or Car Payment is but they may not be close to knowing what they spent for the month on Food, Gas or Entertainment Expenses. People […]

Budget for more Income

The word Budget isn’t a sexy word to most people for sure. A lot of people probably don’t like to even use that word. It may sound boring to others unless you love numbers or an account. I am one of those who love numbers and spreadsheets. My wife hasn’t ever complained about all my […]

September 2017 Financial & Goals

We are getting excited for our first cruise ever in a few weeks. We are taking a Disney Cruse to Mexico. I think that might have helped us in September on keeping our spending down. Either way it is fun to have stuff to look forward to. This month we did have a few items […]

The Fate of the Furious Movie

Another goal knock out this week. One of our goals in 2017 was to take the boys to six movies this year. We just took them to the second movie of the year so far. It was a fun family afternoon and evening. It is nice seeing the boys talk to each other and so […]

February 2017 Results

  February sure went by fast. We did make progress towards our New Year’s Resolutions this month. We knocked off eating at a new Restaurant. We have five more to try this year. It is fun having things to look forward to.  Stock Market was awesome this month again. I know stocks can go up […]