Support your friends Business

If you have a friend that has an online business or a physical store front why would you not support them? If you are a friend why would you not help them with their dream? Why would you not shout about it to your friends? I like to share some of my friends posts on […]

Goals in Clock Management

Goals in Clock Management each year most of us start out with New Year’s Resolutions or Goals. Like many people I normally have Weight Loss Goals, Family Adventure Goals, Business Goals, Investment Goals and Personal Finance Goals. All of those Goals can be a challenge to achieve without making sure we have good Clock Management. […]

Why some home Businesses Fail?

I have owned different small home businesses over the years. Some have done better than others but none of them have turned into a large business. But they can be fun as you start them up and work on building them up. For me it is anyway. But depending on your financial situation and stage […]

Types Of Golf Course Jobs or Business Ideas

Golf is a fun and challenging game for millions of people and growing by the day.  If you like to play golf and work with others that enjoy golf then a career in the golf business could be for you. My best friend after High School went to San Diego , CA to attend a […]