Kids College Debt Ideas

Do you have kids that live at home or have grandkids then this may help give you ideas on helping this with their financial future. College costs can really be expensive if you don’t have full ride scholarships. Difference between being debt free after college or having lots of debt could be driving a moped […]

What would you give up?

If you are retired or still working and are married with two incomes, what would you do if you lost one of your incomes? What would you give up? Over the years I have helped a lot of people who had debt problems. Some got in debt trouble by spending too much, to medical bills, […]

Paying Off Christmas Debt

It has been almost four weeks since one of our biggest gift giving Holidays. For Darlene and myself we give over 50% of our yearly budget for gifts out at Christmas time. Plus we have two birthdays in December. There are several ways a person could pay off their debt the fastest way but I […]