Boys Lessons from Others

The boys were not as excited the other day as we were when talking with two kids about their life paths. Logan turned 17 last week and Seth turns 13 this Sunday. They are growing up way too fast. Mrs. RE and myself have been working with the boys for years on things we feel […]

Kids College Debt Ideas

Do you have kids that live at home or have grandkids then this may help give you ideas on helping this with their financial future. College costs can really be expensive if you don’t have full ride scholarships. Difference between being debt free after college or having lots of debt could be driving a moped […]

Our Kids Motivation Update

School is back in for the year and we have had a fun ride for the last four weeks so far. I know schools’ back home may not be starting till this week in some towns. Our boys are now in 7th grade and 11th grade. Both are facing new challenges this year that will […]

April 2018 – Financial and Goals

April just flew by. It seems like it just started. Darlene has a fun trip back to Minnesota for a girls weekend. Seth and myself went to a Warriors game this month also which was fun. We did decide to cancel our Disney trip that we had booked for October since Logan hasn’t been taking […]

Debt Free for more Income

If you currently don’t have any Debt then you can skip over this Key. But if you are like a majority of people in the United States then you are probably sitting on a pile of Debt. A pile of Debt to some people may be $2,500 and some it may be $850,000. Over the […]

Need an extra $2,000 in Retirement Years

During our Retirement years things can come up and we may need to lower our yearly expenses to cover some expense that cam up unexpectedly. So, what do we do? Of course, you could go back to work if you wanted to part-time somewhere? But we retired to enjoy it. Also, you may not be […]

Some Life Lessons We Passed On to our Kids

Below are Some Life Lessons that our two boys. Please don’t take them as advice for your situation. You should always seek professional advice for Financial, Legal and Medical situations. That is my quick disclaimer. LOL. I hope the below lessons help our kids in the future. I wish my parents would have taught me […]

Paying Off Christmas Debt

It has been almost four weeks since one of our biggest gift giving Holidays. For Darlene and myself we give over 50% of our yearly budget for gifts out at Christmas time. Plus we have two birthdays in December. There are several ways a person could pay off their debt the fastest way but I […]

2016 is Done – Here Comes 2017

WOW.. 2016 was a wild ride for us but lots of fun. We had a record spending year and our Net Worth still ended being up at the end of the year. We bought a new house this year and took many vacations. We had several friends and family which came and visited us last […]