Need more than a Will

When we moved to Arizona we learned from our Lawyer that we should get a new Will in Arizona even though we had one in Minnesota. I am not a Lawyer or a Financial Planner so I am not giving you any legal advice. I am letting you know what we have been told from […]

2019 Dividend Stock Strategy and Holdings

Since I semi-retired back in 2014 I have lived off of the Dividends we make off our Stocks in our Brokerage account. The stocks have changed over the years and some have stayed the same. Some will change in the future if we need to make changes. We did sell some of them when we […]

Support your friends Business

If you have a friend that has an online business or a physical store front why would you not support them? If you are a friend why would you not help them with their dream? Why would you not shout about it to your friends? I like to share some of my friends posts on […]

Parenting who is right

Parenting today is very spirited topic for parents. There are many new fads when it comes to parenting. Many people have thoughts on how you should parent. Parenting is becoming a competitive world to others. Who is right or wrong? Is there a magic book on it? There are many books on this subject. People […]

Getting a Pet instead of having a Kid

The more people I meet are deciding to get a pet instead of having kids. There has been published articles on this subject also. There are many reasons that this could be happening. Some company surveys show it is because the cost of having a kid and raising a kid. I think back when I […]

January Stock Market Thoughts

December was another roller coaster of ups and downs. We did buy a few stocks last month when the stocks were down. It favors the people who like to buy on dips. We also like to hold our Dividend Stocks. Our Dividend Stocks had their best year yet. Yea.. When it comes to our Stock […]

2018 Goals Review and 2019 Goals

It is time to set our family Goals for 2019 and to reflect on 2018 results. This is easier to do if you are single but if married, I suggest you take your time and do it with your spouse to make sure you are on the same page. If not then it will be […]

December 2018 and Financial and Goals

Christmas was a fun like normal. It would be great to have Christmas every month. We like it so much we leave our Christmas tree up till about the middle of January. The kids had a great time but the older they get the more expensive the gifts they want. Mrs RE had another crazy […]

Christmas Traditions or Just Gifts

What family traditions do you have at your house? If you have kids what Christmas traditions will they talk about with their kids someday? Do your kids only care about Christmas gifts or do they look forward to Christmas traditions and family time? When I was single for years to being a divorced dad for […]