Johnson Ranch Golf 2018

—- The Golf Club at Johnson Ranch is a fun place to play golf. It is quite a drive from our house in Mesa but well worth it as you can see in the above video. I played with Tony, Alex and Neal. Neal was my partner and we lost by just one skin. Another […]

Balance and Clock Management

Of the four main keys for Clock Management this one is definitely the most important one. Without it you will struggle in Live R.I.C.H quadrants for success. The key is called “Balance”. Without Balance everything can get out of whack. In January and February, I got a little out of Balance due to my Clock […]

Respect in Relationships

This is an important key in any relationship we have from our Spouse, Kids, Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Boss and others. But it is an easy one to mess up on. It is a two-way street that if you want respect from a relationship you should make sure that you are giving it back. Some people […]

Positive Relationships

When I look back over the years I appreciate all the people that have come into my life and the relationships that I currently have with some of them. If is pretty cool that you may not have talk to someone since you graduated High School over 30 years ago but when you see them […]

Saying Good-bye is HARD

No matter how hard I try to stay positive it can be a challenge when you lose someone. I lost my Dad back August 6, 2008. It will be 10 years ago this year and I still miss him so much everyday. Sorry this isn’t a fun topic but it is a topic of life. […]

Retirement Mind Tip of the Day

The Mind is an amazing thing and can help us make good life lasting changes. Some say you need to have more Pleasure than Fear when thinking about a choice in life. Sometimes you can use your mind the other way and create more Fear than Pleasure to make a change. I know for me […]

Thanksgiving Stress Free

Thanksgiving is a great time to give thanks and enjoy the day. But it can be a stressful time for some. It has been said that the rate of deadly heart attacks increase during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some stress over family, some stress over the money they feel they should spend and some stress over […]

Darlene is my 100%

Darlene is my 100% for so many reasons. One is that I know I can count on her for anything. She is always supportive and there to help out with anything. When I had the idea of moving our family to Arizona so I could Retire or Semi Retire and work on my business, books […]

Best Time of the Year

December is a fun month. A month to some of celebration for wrapping up another great year. A month to some for getting ready to file taxes in the start of 2017. A month of family fun to some. For us it is a busy month with both boys celebrating Birthdays and then Christmas Eve, […]