April 2017 Financial and Goals

  April was a fun month. Since we had Easter and my Birthday it was a fun month for me for sure. Also now the year is 1/3 the way over already. Time goes way too fast. Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away and then two weeks after that the boys will be […]

The Fate of the Furious Movie

Another goal knock out this week. One of our goals in 2017 was to take the boys to six movies this year. We just took them to the second movie of the year so far. It was a fun family afternoon and evening. It is nice seeing the boys talk to each other and so […]

March 2017 Results and Goals Progress

March went by fast also with all our family and friends coming to visit us. We did book a Disney Cruise for October this year and then booked a trip to the Beaches for 2018. Some more fun things to look forward to. Stock Market was awesome this month again. I know stocks can go […]

February 2017 Results

  February sure went by fast. We did make progress towards our New Year’s Resolutions this month. We knocked off eating at a new Restaurant. We have five more to try this year. It is fun having things to look forward to.  Stock Market was awesome this month again. I know stocks can go up […]

2016 make One Decision for Success

Happy New Year’s everyone. Hope everyone had a fun time bringing in the new year with your family and friends. I know we stayed in and had a family game night with many goodies to eat. Now it is January 2nd and I am sure a lot of people made New Year’s resolutions. Some of […]

Golfing New Year’s Resolutions

  Wow, the last year is over already, how did it go by so fast. Here it is the first week in January and you may have made New Year’s resolutions already or you may be planning on making some. Did you follow through and achieve your resolutions last year? I didn’t hit mine last […]