Feeding your Mind

Feeding your Mind with positive thoughts is so important. Also, it is important who we surround ourselves with and how good of friend we are to ourselves. Sometimes we probably don’t realize the negative things we say to ourselves. If you are a golfer you know how easy it is to get negative towards yourself. […]

Help Your Golf Game With New Tips

In Life, Business and Golf we all can learn from Tips we get from others. Some may help more than others. Golf tips can come from so many places today with social media, TV, internet and YouTube.com. Also all the golf tips we get with the friends we play golf with. Seems like a lot […]

Drive, Chip and Putt contest for Kids

The photo above is from Drive, Putt and Chip contest this year. Both boys entered the tournament and both did a really good job. How will the game of golf keep growing is a question that people who love to play golf wants to know. Golfers want to see new golf courses open up, they […]

Balance in your Golf Game and Life

Balance is important in your golf swing and life. Before I get into the balance in golf I wanted to share with you that our Putting Green is done and came in under budget. As you can see in the above photo, it has four holes and different elevations. Then we have our Driving Net […]

Rory is back in his Winning Fashion

Rory will be ranked number two in the World of Golf Rankings soon and shooting to be back to number one in the World again. If you follow Golf then you know Rory Mcllroy. Rory is one of my favorite golfers to follow because of his attitude and work ethic. I know he has been […]

2016 make One Decision for Success

Happy New Year’s everyone. Hope everyone had a fun time bringing in the new year with your family and friends. I know we stayed in and had a family game night with many goodies to eat. Now it is January 2nd and I am sure a lot of people made New Year’s resolutions. Some of […]

Improving Your Golf Game is Fun

The people that come into our lives when we aren’t expecting it. Today I was at the driving range and starting talking to two golfers I didn’t know. Two of us had different things we are working on and tips that worked for each of us. That is the fun part of golf is that […]

The Equation of the Mind for Golfers

    Image Courtesy of Peter Oresved / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Another theory of how the mind works is the T.I.F.B.R.D theory of the mind. This theory helps explain how the mind operates so you can understand the importance of not stressing out over things and to continue talking to yourself in a positive way. C. Devin […]