Do you have Real Friends or Social Friends

What is a true friend? What is a real friend? With social media it can seem like a person has a lot of friends. Just think of the friends or followers you have on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Linkedln. I know if I would add them all up I would be over […]

Girls Fun Times at the Pool 2018

The kids would go to this Pool almost everyday they were here visiting us from Minnesota. It has diving boards and also a big slide as you can see in the photos. We all had a great time. Water feels good also with the hot afternoon temps. Let me know your thoughts about this blog […]

Track It for better Health

This is one of the most important areas of living a healthier life that I believe. Maybe it is the business world that I grew up in where we tracked as much as possible. When you track somethings, you can see if you are winning or losing. It is like a game and can be […]

Exercise for better Health

My history of doing exercising is like going on a Roller Coaster. I have had times when I had a good routine of exercising and other times I may not do much for months. Two of my friends have seem to always been able to stick to their routine for exercising and you can tell […]

Use your Mind for better Health

The Mind is an amazing part of your bodies and a part that most of us don’t understand and take for granted. You may think that your Mind has nothing to do with your Health but I would disagree with you 100%. I believe our Mind is of the four main keys to better Health […]

Fuel for Health

Do you ever feel like you have no energy left or like you are out of fuel in your tank? It happens to me at times. Just like our cars need fuel to run, our bodies also need fuel to run. When I am low on fuel it not only effects my Energy but it […]

Health Tips

Our Health is something that we take for granted so often until we don’t have it. Then when we don’t have it we would pay anything to get it back. When our Health is down it can hurt our Relationships, Our Finances and more. When we are under the weather it can be hurtful. Here […]

My Weight Loss Story

  Weight Loss can be a hot topic this time of the year for different people. I know many people have Weight Loss as a New Years Resolution each year. But how many people stick with it or just keep listing it each year? I had it on my Goals list last year to lose […]

Learn to Say “NO” to reach your Goals

If you are not reaching your goals it may be that you are not able to say that two letter word that we don’t like to say or hear. That word is “NO”. If we use that word at times it can help us reach our Financial Goals, Health Goals, Relationship Goals, Retirement Goals and […]